Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

Aw Brian, this is so atmospheric and beautiful, it brought a tear to my eye. So much to read from this, stunning!

Thank you very much indeed, Carole, for your beautiful response to this piece. I wasn't sure, at all, how it would be received. I felt quite warm when I painted this, but I'm an old romantic. The colours are sharper in the original. Just saying. *smile* Brian

Brian, this is so beautiful, I love the story behind the painting and the Autumn colours glow with the light behind, just wonderful.

Thank you very much, Margaret, for the very kind comments. I'm really pleased you liked the story and the autumnal theme. Thanks for letting know. More than appreciated. Brian

Great piece of imagination, Brian. Often the most interesting kind of art. It has a mystical look to me, a kind of dreamscape. Love it.

Thank you very much, Lewis, for the great comments. Appreciated, as always. Delighted the dreamy quality came through. There is a kind of structure to this with an underlying metaphor, where the central evergreens represent the woman and her departed husband, with the heavenly light shining in the background. The central shrub, separating the evergreens, represents the dog. When her time comes the shrub will dissolve and she will walk through to join her loved one. All the lines of bushes and the path lead to this focal point, like a vanishing point. But it's not her time yet and so she must turn right or left where the path diverges. It reminded me of Middle Earth when I'd finished. I must get out more. *smile* Brian

Sad tale Brian, pleased she still has her little loyal friend to keep her company. The painting is lovely. You are a very talented artist to create a scene so beautiful.. it really draws me in. I'd love to see where she goes when she leaves the woods, bet it's a chocolate box house in a clearing!!!

Very romantic. Love the light in the sky.

Thank you very much, Rachel, you're too kind. I think she must live in a cottage on the edge of the woods, surrounded by roses, clematis and lawns. It's a romantic idea and painting, which is not everybody's cup of tea. I'm really pleased you looked so closely. Thanks again. Brian

Ah, romantic it is, Carole, but sometimes I just can't help myself. *smile* Thank you very much for the kind comments. Brian

Beautiful painting and very moving backstory.

Thank you very much for the warm response to this piece, Carole. I'm really pleased the backstory touched you and am delighted that you told me. Much appreciated. Brian

Sorry about the name confusion, Sandra, it was late (ish) and my mind was running on empty. *grin* Once again, thank you muchly for dropping in to share your thoughts. Very much appreciated, in spite of my inability to read properly. lol. All the best Barry, erm, Brian

Always like the paintings that tell a bit of a story especially when they have contain lovely contrasts and soft tones that produce such a lovely atmosphere, great work Brian.

Thank you very much, Barry, for the kind and encouraging comments. Much appreciated. I like to try and include a story or narrative if I can, but not always. I'm also always looking for a good title to hint at something more. Mind you, some seascapes and mountains simply speak for themselves, whether in a painting or photo. Your recent boatyard painting says much more to the viewer than "Here's a boatyard", it depicts movement and a snapshot of a day in the life of... It asks you to look further. I admire that very much. Brian

Thanks you very much, Maureen, for the lovely comment. Appreciated. brian

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Oil on canvas 50x 40 cms. This is one from my mind and bears no resemblance to any place that I know of, fictional or otherwise. It shows an elderly lady walking her dog through an autumnal wood as she enters the autumn of her life. There used to be three of them, but one has moved on to that place where nobody can follow.

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