The Shortcut (revised)

The Shortcut (revised)

It gets more fabulous each time Bri!

I like both versions Bri.

Both versions are great Brian, so full of sunshine and shadow.

Love this cold evening walk in the woods. Great Brian.

Thank you very much, Margaret, Sandra, Val and Carole, for the great comments. Much appreciated, as always. I know you'll think I'm daft but I still want a different blue for the sky, one that is intense and bright to break the monotony. I've only changed it three times. *smile* I was walking in the reserve on Sunday and managed to take some super lake reflections. Trees, clouds and bushes all reflected in the still waters of the fishing lakes. Quite different to this one. Thanks again for the kind comments, especially so soon after I posted the original. Bri

In this, Brian, it's the trunks of the trees I can't take my eyes off, though the whole scene is wonderful - the light and the colour.

Thank you very much, Marjorie, for the more than encouraging comments. The revision has sharpened a few areas, especially the tree trunks and highlights, so your reply was great to read. Much appreciated. Bri

This version looks more like twilight is setting in to me, was that your intention or is it the image looks darker on my mobile, will take another look later on the laptop, 😀

Thank you very much, Linda, for the astute comments. I don't mind the look as it stands, but I did want a much brighter sky. Every time I lighten it I lose the blue and I'm beginning to think it might be down to the very blue shadow snow. I have Prussian, cobalt, phthalo, ultramarine and cerulean in my box but perhaps the chroma is lacking, mainly because they are mostly, although not exclusively, student grade. Thanks again, Linda. Much appreciated. Bri

Love these paintings Brian.

Thank you very much for the kind comment, Margaret. Always appreciated. Bri

Brrrrr.....Brian this looks very cold, lovely shadow work and the all important footprints.

Thank you very much, Fiona, for the kind comments. Always appreciated. I wasn't expecting any more replies to this one, so this was a nice surprise. I'm glad the shadows and footprints seem to be working okay but I must find a way to brighten that sky. I'm going to repaint it with Prussian and cobalt blue and a heavy dose of titanium white. I'll have to redo the background trees, of course, but I've done that three times already. *smile* Bri

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cms. I've repainted the background trees, pruned some of the foreground branches and intensified the highlights. This is part of a nature reserve near my home, with paths criss-crossing all over the place. The photo is a bit better than the last one, I hope.

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