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Good one Barry ... a 'mast'erpiece ... sorry couldn't resist

Thank you Heather, no apology necessary.

Gosh, hat a complex scene, I would not know where to start? But you have managed it very well.

Excellent Barry, well done! I love the balance of (suggested) detail and looser abstraction.

Nice piece of impressionist work Barry.Simplifying worked fine.

Barry, your 'simplification' has worked wonderfully.

Posted by Bob Ward on Thu 01 Oct 09:33:42

You’ve captured a packed marina without over stating all the detail Barry , works really well.

Certainly caught the atmosphere in this Barry. Simplifying shapes always works

I can hear the pling pling of the masts. Very good atmosphere Barry.

Would love to tackle something like this Barry as I live right next to a marina, but wouldn’t know where to start. This is marvellous. The way you have painted all those boats is so clever.

Thank you to everyone for their comments it’s reassuring to know that I made a good choice on how to tackle the mass of detail in the middle ground.

Such a lot going on here Barry, I wouldn't have known where to start, fantastic!!

Stunning work, just stunning.

Hang on Studio Wall

From a friends photo, painting the mass of boats was a daunting task and after some thought I decided to simplify and just suggest the shapes.

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