My Day in Bradford on Avon

My Day in Bradford on Avon

A lovely pen and wash Barry, Nice composition and perspectives

What a complicated but very successful composition Barry but how it works! Much admiration!

This is so good in so many ways Barry, beautifully balance and executed.

Many thanks David, Margorie and Fiona, it did take me a while to decide on the composition.

The rough looking yellow wall is a triumph. I know, odd things appeal to me!

Thanks Brian it was touch and go as to whether I got it right. I think I did just enough it would have been very easy to overwork that area.

Brilliant painting, beautifully detailed.

Top class Barry.Wonderful scene beautifully captured by you.

Thank you Margaret and Peter glad you like it.

Good drawing Barry, I like the way the road and figures lead though the painting. Hope the exhibition goes well.

Beautiful and the figures give this interest. Good luck with your exhibition Barry.

Thank you Stephen and Carole fingers crossed that the exhibition goes well.

Beautiful pen and wash, Barry.

Lovely painting again Barry complicated but simplified enough to be attractive to the eye

Really draws you in!

Absolutely superb, Barry. Atmosphere in spades, great light and lovely composition that leads the eye into the painting. One of my favorites among your recent postings.

Many thanks to Cesare Dennis,Seok, Karen and Jenny, my initial thoughts were that I had overdone the detail but you have all put my mind at rest.

It's pretty much all been said Barry, another really good watercolour.

Barry, what a coincidence that you have painted this place! I will post my version soon. It's half-done. I have a lot of pressure on now seeing your impressive watercolour. I am working from a photo, it's a sunny day, but I'm thinking about turning it into a rainy one. Your outdoor work looks fabulous, very confident.

Posted on Wed 30 Aug 10:08:38

Thank you Alan, and Ibolya I look forward to seeing your version which I am sure it will be fabulous as it will inevitably be painted to a very high standard as per usual. Lucky you to have a sunny day I had to invent my shadows.

A lovely fresh feel to this Barry and the line work is a beautiful contrast to the lovely washes

Thank you Dermot, although I don't use ink and wash often it does seem to work for me.

Hang on Studio Wall

The art group I belong to has an exhibition being held in Bradford on Avon coming up. I always like to have a local scene amongst my exhibits and this is an ink and wash from one of my own photos that I painted today. It is painted on Saunders Waterford quarter imperial hot pressed paper and I used a sharpened matchstick to apply the ink.

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