Evening Glow

Evening Glow

Very beautiful

Thank you Heather and Dennis I appreciate your comments.

Love the distance, palette and composition Barry.

Barry that’s a marvellous snow scene...I love the blush of colour in the sky and water against the neutrals......gorgeous!

That orange glow is gorgeous Barry, excellent stuff. For your group lesson re wet streets and stuff, have a look at the Australian artist Mike Barr. It should impress you.

Great work Barry, an impressive scene well painted.

Thank you all for your comments- Carole and Fiona I have to admit I have changed to my preferred palette from the original photo which has changed it slightly. Alan I have seen some of his work and it sounds like a good idea to check him out again. Jim have altered things a bit so that I could get more of the beautiful light on the water.

Lovely loose painting Barry

Love the sun shining through the tree branches.

Love the colours and the looseness, Barry

Thank you Thalia, Stephen and Maureen, for your comments. I was very pleased with the effect of the sun through the trees Stephen which made your comment particularly pleasing.

So much to admire here Barry The lighting is absolutely beautiful.

Thank you Diana and Val-Irene I appreciate your comments.

The light is perfect that you captured Barry. I love your warmth against strong greys which add to the atmosphere, and you are a master of strong values, a perfect painting Barry

Thank you Nancy I think you have summed me up perfectly I just love using strong tonal value to generate areas of light.

Another beauty Barry.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sorry to remind people of the snow but a fellow member of our art group brought in a photo and the painting he had produced from it , after a discussion I ended up doing my own version. This was partially to illustrate the points I was making but probably more because I loved the scene.

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