"Gastof mending the nets"

"Gastof mending the nets"

Nice little story and illustration Angela. Well done.

Thankyou Jim, I exhibited three illustrations of Gastof at our local Art Exhibition and am painting some other pictures for this story which was written a few years ago. Kind Regards from Angela

Love your story Angela and such a lovely little painting.

Thankyou Carole, I painted this Illustration recently for the story "Gastof", written a few years ago. Angela

Very industrious man, very atmospheric illustration - love the bold depiction of mending the nets

Thankyou Robert, I enjoyed painting Gastof mending the nets, and painted acrylic upon pad, it seemed to adhere well, of course its more of an illustration but looks nice in a frame. I exhibited three paintings of Gastof the Artist from Marseilles, France at a local Art Exhibition in our community. Your comments and feedback on this kind of illustration work is really appreciated, thankyou!

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Gastof had been a fisherman from the islet near Marseilles, he had sailed over the Ette de Berre Lagoon and there had been a treacherous storm where the ship was strewn up on the beach at Marseilles. Gastof and his two Siamese cats managed to float ashore and were saved, but Gastof was bereaved as he lost all his family in the shipwreck. He lived in a stone cottage near the seashore and began to sculpt and paint pictures but had become 'mute' from the sad loss of all his family. One day a Newspaper boy called Sachelle discovered this old man and became one of Gastof's Artist friends. Its a story about self discovery in Art and transition by expressing images as a healing therapy. I recently exhibited three of these illustrations locally in an Art Exhibition.

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