Red Falls

Red Falls

Fabulous Andrew, amazing feeling of rushing water, best so far

Thank you Linda!, peace & love, God bless, Andy 🙂❤️

A real sense of rushing water. Splendid.

Nicely done. You have certainly captured the drama and the turbulence of a full flowing river. The brackish nature of the water comes through in your chosen colours.

Tremendous movement, Andrew, with a brilliant peaty hue to the water. Utterly believable. Bri

Thank you Stephen, peace & love, God bless, Andy 🙂

Thank you Ron for that detailed and full response; I love that colour!, peace & love, God bless, Andy 🙂

Thank you Brian, peace & love, God bless, Andy

Love the energy of the flowing water and the way you have used tonal values so well Andrew.👍😊

Thank you Carole, peace & love, God bless, Andy 🙂❤️

Absolutely love this. So much power in the force of the cascading waterfalls

Thank you Jacqueline, that's lovely feedback. Still my favourite!, peace and love, God bless, Andy 😃❤️

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My favourite waterall, this is an acrylic and oil painting of a really dramatic waterfall in Wensleydale. 20 x 16 inches, Sept 2018, £650 plus p&p Also available in 9 x 12 inch giclee prints in 15 x 19 inch white mounts (£45 plus p&p) via [email protected]

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Andrew Smith

I’ve always loved water, its movement, its colour, it’s power. I had the privilege of working as a hydrologist for nine years before ordination, necessarily but enjoyably observing the movement of water in full flow or even in floods. That was thirty years ago but my love for moving water has not…

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