Western Downs towards Stafford Castle.

Western Downs towards Stafford Castle.

The grey paper suits this scene, in some ways I like these sketches as much as the finished works, reminds me of the importance of tone.

I agree with Stephen.. I think these are stunning Alan and the grey paper gives a lovely mood. 👍🏻

Again a beautiful addition to your stunning collection, Alan. Love the composition.

Particularly like this one, especially the tree. I think that you have the framework for some lovely paintings.

Another beautiful sketch Alan, there's some great work going on the gallery this morning and this is certainly one of them again, just love the charcoal and white, 😀

Another cracking sketch, that will make a cracking painting. Looks like you're going to be very busy.

Love that gnarled tree trunk, Alan. Can’t wait to see the paintings.

Lovely work Alan, today whilst teaching I have been championing the use of sketching as an important and integral part of the painting process. I wish I had seen your post before I left and I could have referred them to it.

Love the tree Alan, another beauty!

This is another stunner Alan, I love the way you have sketched the tree particularly.

Love your charcoal sketches Alan. They always look so fresh and spontaneous.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement, much appreciated as always. It was drawn on tan paper, not grey, sorry about that.

Alan, my Tuesday art groups term project is all about the importance of sketching....so Davy has sent us out and about again to get as much done before the weather turns! I think this is exactly what he is after....superb!

Another beauty Alan,

Lovely sketch, Alan - I really like the black and white on gray.

So effective - love the background colour and your darks and lights on it - nice scene and tree, Alan

Hang on Studio Wall

Charcoal on A4 Grey paper. A continuation of my previous plein air charcoal drawings. I’ll just add a couple more and then continue posting my recent canal scenes. I’ve amassed quite a few decent working sketches over the past two weeks, so it’s time to sift through them and select something that will hopefully give me the framework for an oil painting.

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