Stoer Head Lighthouse, Sutherland.

Stoer Head Lighthouse, Sutherland.

Superb range of colours and application Alan. Feature in the Artist is great

An exciting and vibrant interpretation of Stoer Alan, my effort is very tame in comparison and this time you can't say it's different mediums etc because I did my version in oil :) You are inspiring me to be more adventurous though, so I'll have to get the oils out again.

Wow, wild and wonderful. This is all about shapes and movement, love it.

Wonderful impression of sculpted forms, movement, colour, strength, power. And you did this from a photograph?? Well now - that's one in the eye for those who say you can only hope to represent nature by working en plein air.

Thank you Dennis, Val, Sharon and Robert for your comments. Val, stop knocking your own work, and Robert, I only used the essence of the photo, just to get the basics in the right place, and then went and adopted my normal 'Gung Ho' approach and went wild as usual, but it's fun. By the way, mainly Pthalo Blue and a little Cobalt in this one, no Ultramarine. (re your Forum blog).

Well Alan, talk about power and energy, this is positively buzzing! A wonderful mix of elements; sky, sea and rock, with the vunerablility of the Lighthouse as a warning to the danger of all these elements. Stupendous interpretation!

The sky and the water are fantastic, very exciting. It is inspiring, as Val says. ( I just keep looking at that inky sky.)

Lovely painting Alan , another dramatic image and that's what I like about all your paintings well done mate .

Powerful piece with exciting brush strokes - another winner Alan.

Exciting! Nothing wrong with using photos if you know how to extrapolate exciting paintings like this. I try!

Another dramatic scene Alan. Love that dark blue.

Thank you Fiona, Marjorie, Dennis, Michael and Gudrun. <br /><br /> Just on a point about photographs, which has been well covered on the forum. I don&#39;t advocate copying them to the enth degree, but to use them as a reference for the main framework of a painting, so that a fair degree of accuracy can be achieved, ie, position of lighthouse, contours of the main rock etc,. I then virtually discard the photo and work using my experience and knowledge of a subject but more importantly, painting the scene with excitement and passion. <br /><br />This painting bears little resemblance to the photo, for instance, it was a calm day and the colours were totally different, the main body of rock, for instance was fairly bright green grass, crying out for some artistic license.<br /><br />Although I would much prefer to have been painting at the scene yesterday, it&#39;s not practical. The main difference with my plein air work is because of time restraints etc and general practicality, I work very much quicker and the end result is a work which is slightly less polished (for gallery standards), but to me equally as interesting if not more so.<br /><br />Apologies for all this rambling first thing in the morning, I just wanted to put my point over. Thanks to all of you again.

Captured the energy of a dramatic place well, great contrast.

Posted by K 0 on Tue 14 Jul 08:57:21

Thanks, Kevan, much appreciated, very enjoyable subject to paint. Cheers.

Thanks Carole, good old Pthalo Blue, nothing to fear!

This is a really epic piece, Alan! One of my favorites among your recent works - you&#39;ve conveyed the magnificent scale of the scene and the full dramatic impact of the weather and the surging sea. It&#39;s truly stunning!

Gosh! thank you Seok, true praise indeed.

Great colour contrast, lots of energy in this picture.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on stretched canvas, 24 x 30''. Just completed, so hot-of-the-press, Fabulous scene which I just had to paint, reference photographs courtesy of Fiona, but will try and book a trip over the border to paint 'plein air' next year. (Hope the natives are friendly).

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