This is an amazing likeness of my darling girl, Milly. When you know a face so well you can spot immediately if there is something not quite right with it, so I know that this is an absolutely accurate and perfect portrait of her. It is of her as a puppy, when she was 2 (top) and today (bottom right). Julia has done a fantastic job and I am going to have the privilege of hanging this painting on my wall. Many congratulations, Julia.

Very impressive work, spurs me to may be have a go with one of my setters !

I really admire this painting,it has a great feel about it.Congratulations!

What a lovely idea to do her at different ages. I particularly like the present age one with her mouth open. The bridge of her nose is particularly well done and I love how you've got thickness to her flews. I know how thrilled Thea is and i would be too. Only one small personal thing, I wish her eyes weren't looking quite so high up.

As ever, this is a beautiful portrait. The fur is superb. I have also just tried pastelmat and didn't like it either. It just won't blend like colourfix. I won't be using it again.

Fantastic portrait. Thea is so lucky to have this.

Congratulations, Julia, this is a superb piece of portraiture and a wonderful memory for Thea, You have done it beautifully, I can feel the silkiness of Milly's coat and want to stroke her head. You have a very real talent here...

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. It is really satisfying to know that Thea is so delighted with Milly's portrait and I am very grateful for her confidence in me.

Lovely dog - I have huge trouble using pastel, so can't begin to offer any kind of informed critique, but the big test for me, as a confirmed dog-person, is whether I believe in the animal: and I absolutely do. Want one.......

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a portrait of Thea's beautiful dog, Milly. I only hope I have done justice to this gorgeous creature. I painted it on Pastelmat paper - the first time I have used this and I didn't find it particularly easy - it doesn't blend quite so easily as the Colourfix I have used previously.

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