Trevor 2

Trevor 2

Yes, that has just lifted the painting quite a lot...I do prefer this. Really well done! It has brought Trevor forward.

It's a relief that you left it at this .... I feared (oh ye of little faith!) that you'd spoil it.. Sorry, should have known better. This does indeed bring Trevor forward, and your subsequent washes are still "clean". But leave it alone now!

Thank you Ruth and Robert. Don't worry Robert, I have quite finished now!

Love it well done!!!

Hi Julia have just looked at Trevor, he's lovely and he stands out so much more with the darker background and the shadows underneath him. Very well done.

Thank you Linda and Hazel. I have just been out and bought a frame for him so as soon as he's in that, I won't be able to fiddle with him any more!

This is still a beautiful painting, Julia. I did prefer the other background, but I completely see where you are coming from with this re-worked background. You have to do what your gut feeling tells you to do and although other people's advice is useful, you have to paint from the heart - which is what you have done here. I am sure Trevor approves of both versions!

Trevor is adorable and you have done him proud, a lovely painting.

Thank you Thea and Val. Much appreciated. Trevor is adorable - he only came as a foster dog but that was 10 months ago!

I have looked at both and this one is definitely better. A lovely foreground and background. Trevor looks so gentle.

Hang on Studio Wall

Well, I've had a play with the background and think this is slightly better? Sorry Thea, Robert and Carole - I had already sploshed before I got your suggestions. Many thanks to everyone for your help.

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