Can you help?

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Can you help?

Can you help?

I'm looking for challenging portraits to paint. Am aware that you're all artists but if portrait painting is not your thing and a) you like my work b) you have a great photo/subject you'd like me to paint I'll give it a go … no charge of course! Have attached one example of my work for you to see my style (you can also see the others if you type in my name). Please contact me via this website.

I wish I could help, but the only portraits I do are young beautiful women, most of the time their friends of mine.. I don't have many photo's of people that I think you would like to paint. Most of the people that I am close with, sad to say, are not very interesting at all.... They would not be a challenge...

Grandes retratos, Heather, me encanta Tú estilo. Gracias por tus amables palabras. Saludos.

Your portraits are really good Heather and thank you for all your positive comments 🙂

I can share my pictures and would be glad to be have a portrait painted by you... ❤️

I have one you might like, Heather, but how do I contact you?

What makes a "good" photograph does not make necessarily a good painting in respect of subject, colour and composition and I would add that as a reference, one needs more than one photo and knowing your sitter brings the dimension which can bring "life" into the portrait, and, if you can get them to sit even long enough to just take notes is worth the time. And just because the photo or on the day when they sat and wore a red does not mean you are fixed to painting the colour red. There is no substitute for experience, so keep painting and learning and photographs are better than drawing or painting imaginary faces: paint what you and see and not what you imagine you see.

Great Portrait Heather

Hi Heather, I love your portraits - especially the one of your 'lovely great niece' (who is indeed lovely!) - and have a potential subject for you, but I can't find how to message you.

Good luck Heather and I'm always amazed at your natural understanding

I sent you a message but it didn't appear. I encourage you to paint from life as much as you can. Photographs put a "stamp" on portraits and no matter how well one renders them one sees it's from a photo. Painting from life is so much more convincing and you have potential here. Your work is excellent!

Not sure how to message on this site ?

Photographs ideally unless someone is local (East Sussex). Also happy to do animals although I prefer to do people.

Do you mean you're looking for photographs, or actual physical sitters?

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