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Rubbing over sandpaper

Lately i have found rubbing over sandpaper makes great textures.

Posted by Kirstie Grainger

7 February 2024

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What is abstract art?

Abstract art, a term that evokes both intrigue and perplexity, stands as a beacon of creativity and non-conformity in…

Posted by Fiona Stevenson

31 January 2024

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Fabulous small exhibition of Turner and Bonnington at the Wallace collection

Turner and Bonnington at the Wallace collection

Posted by Dmitry Shaklanoff-von Seipt

22 January 2024

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Cambridge Open Studios 2024

Participation in COS July 2024

Posted by Lucy Winter

17 January 2024

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Post-bijoutere series,Gela Mikava's Tweans paintnig
Artist to watch in 2024

Ultra-contemporary artist Gela Mikava

Posted by Gela Mikava

17 January 2024

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Mr Andy Mitchell

A beginner artist story.

Posted by Andrew Mitchell

4 January 2024

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A place to find inspiration for your next project

Posted by Terry Hant

29 December 2023

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Collage 2023-12-05 19_42_05
Vellum Mill Gallery Carshalton

Vellum Mill is a new gallery that is showing arts, crafts and antiques.

Posted by Tessa Spanton

18 December 2023

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An Art of an Apology

CP Illustrator, Julie Ann Maguire returns with a still life classic

Posted by Julie Ann Maguire

3 December 2023

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The Landscape Dilemma.

Why landscape painting is perhaps more important than ever… written a couple of weeks ago whilst waiting to see the…

Posted by Nigel Williams

26 October 2023

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Starting Over in Watercolor Painting: An Artist's Path to Recapturing Passion

Despite initial confidence after a Watercolor West workshop, the author's painting practice lagged due to work. This…

Posted by Charnell Jones

18 October 2023

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Palette choices

Examples from Helen Frankenthaler

Posted by Norrette Moore

14 September 2023

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