This is a lovely delicate painting of your grandaughter. Portraits are extremely difficult in watercolour.

I think you have done the portrait really beautifully and well Christine! Lily looks fantastic! Ten points for trying something different and as you say, out of the comfort zone.

Full of tenderness. She is adorable Christine, I just cannot get my Grandson to look like him when I try to paint him but this has spurred me on to try again.

Watercolour portraits are so difficult to do Christine, I think you've made a good job of this one!

She is beautiful Christine, you have made a brilliant job of the portrait.

Thank you Sue, Satu, Sarah, Glennis, Debs, and Carole for your encouraging comments. I almost cried off going to this class as the subject was so challenging but I'm pleased I made the effort to try something different.

Wouldn't have known this was outside your comfort zone, Christine. This has such charm and appeal to it. She's gorgeous, Christine!

Such a pretty little girl! Lovely subtle portrait and I think you should continue exploring this type of subject as I can feel how much you enjoyed doing this one. By the way, love the hair - I always struggle with hair so I admire anyone who can produce hair that looks are believable, as yours does here.

Thank you so much Seok and Thea, she is delightful, biut knows it! Thea, I think the 'guess who's' challenge really helped me with this, I've never done portraits before but it gave me the confidence to have a go.

Ah, isn't this lovely! I so agree with your words about the guess who challenge giving us confidence or in my case ideas! I just can't get the hang of faces but after seeing this, I might have anther try.....(not just yet though!). You've done really well and all credit to you.

Thank you Louise, doing the guess who challenge made me realise that I could actually do a vaguely recognisable face! Figures are the next hurdle I need to conquer!

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completely outside my comfort zone, watercolour and portraits, but this was the subject at my art group today. Lily, my beautiful little granddaughter.

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