Going Home

2022-01-18 Winter Walk

Very nicely done Willie. Works well with your walker leaving his footsteps behind.

Made me smile and what a good painting too!

That is very good, Willie!

Excellent painting!I think I would have gone home too !

Excellent Willie , hone definitely and nice hot drink .

Very effective, a lovely painting

So well done, like the walking figure and snow

Thanks Chris, Heather and David for your comments. Thanks Anne, Paul, Jan and Romila too. Appreciate all your remarks a lot.

Is it a selfie Willie? I would be right in the distance if it were me out there….rushing home and looking forward to a hot chocolate! Great little painting.

Love the composition, Willie! Could that guy be you?!!!

Definitely not me Thalia. Fiona I never left the house -I must have been dreaming! Thanks for the nice comments.

Love the figure and those footprints Willie, I wouldn’t have even ventured out seeing that snow!

Excellent. Any opportunity for good painting ref taken!

Hang on Studio Wall

This is some guy deciding its far too cold to start plein-air sketching -he's going home. Oil on board

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