That’s about the Nutz n’ Boltz of it.


That, whatever else it is, isn't "rubbish" - very far from it. It's a study in texture and sculptural forms, if you'd like to get prosy about it - and if you'd rather not, let's just settle for "bloody good painting".

This is absolutely superb, the sort of rubbish I love to paint as well . You paint first rate rubbish and I would be very proud to produce this sort of rubbish . All joking aside it a stunning watercolour old a state of metal in its decaying form , brilliantly painted, there is so much great stuff like this screaming to be painted Brian , get on with it mate.

Thank you Robert, those were the very words I was searching for. If only I'd paid more attention in my English lessons. Seriously though, thanks for your generous comments.

Thanks Paul, I know you too, just like me, are proficient as far a rubbish goes. Perhaps we should join up for a sketching trip in a junkyard somewhere and let the creative juices flow.

Wow-the detail on that is phenomenal! An unusual but delightful topic to paint. Superb!!!

Far from rubbish, it's fantastic, I would love to draw such a thing. It is really really beautiful. I love the rust and the texture you have created. Super.

Really love the way you have painted your bolt. Beautiful watercolour and very detailed

That is very good indeed Brian. Robert says it very well. Unusual and very well painted.

Gosh, I’m amazed with the positive comments, thank you so much David, Denise & Faye.

A fabulous piece of work, Brian. Bags of detail all effortlessly observed.

Thank you for your encouraging comments Michael & Lewis.

Fantastic tones, textures and colours!

Another "assessment" of the wonders of rust.

Thank you for your comments Marjorie & Skylar.

Top notch rubbish Brian, you have a wonderful knack of portraying it. Love the pitted and flakey rusted metal, the colours and textures are superb.

Thank you Fiona.

Wow! What a subject. That's great!

Thank you Peter.

Incredible Brian,love your style.

Fabulously executed! The colour and detail is just great Brian! Old is interesting!

An interesting painting full of textures and colour.

Well, you are VERY good at rubbish if that's what you call it. I think it's really good art!

A nut, bolt and was he never looked so solid. You have really captured the essence of this.

Expertly portrayed rust and texture Brian, very eyecatching.

Thank you Judith, Carole, Stephen, Heather, Tony & Val. I have to admit I'm a little blown away by the generosity of the comments I've received on this humble Nut & Bolt.

The moment I saw this I thought of WD40 so I could give it a spray to loosen it all. Brilliant.!

Thank you Fred, yes WD40 is the engineering equivalent of a football physios magic sponge.

I agree “ bloody good painting “

Far from rubbish, Brian. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's our job to show the world the small so called insignificant stuff has a charm to be contemplated

Thank you Romila & Thalia for your comments. I am happy to seek out the colours within rubbish.


Hang on Studio Wall

Here I go again painting rubbish. I seem to be drawn to hopeless states of degradation. If only I could find more idyllic subjects to practice on.

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