Wow - this is really very good, Vicky. Love the technique you have used in this painting.

Lovely and those thistle heads are painted really well

Very good painting Vicky, I love how you use your dark colours to make it sing. I must try dropping the blank ink technique on to watercolour.

Lovely painting. Very pretty

Beautifully painted.

Superb again!

Stunning painting, very effective.

A beautiful painting, the black ink has worked so well.

Love this Vicky, particularly the rich background colours, which complement the thistles beautifully. This has a lovely flow and the black ink technique sounds like a good idea.

Excellent piece of work

Beautifully painted Vicky, I like the use of the ink too, I suspect it’s not that easy to get right!

Again thank you for the positive feedback. Dropping in black ink into watercolour is a scary and sometimes ruinous technique. In this painting I worked quickly once I had dropped the ink in and tilted the paper so that it ran in the right direction I hoped it would. Whilst wet, you can manipulate the ink to a certain extent. I managed to lift out the two main stems and when dry, tinted them. I do like the textures and granulation that happens with Indian ink.

Superbly painted

Lovely contrast , so beautifully painted

Hang on Studio Wall

Black Indian ink dropped in wet on wet on watercolour

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