Hog and bind weed



Excellent Vicky, really like how you've used colour

That is superb! The detail is very good.

This is beautiful Vicky, so delicate. I too have put paintings under the tap, it does help. I love your building paintings as well.

Lovely, Vicky, beautiful colours.

Beautifully painted and great detailing.

Absolutely beautiful Vicky. I'm intrigued by your comment that it went 'under the tap', is this a common watercolour technique? 😯

Really beautifully painted wildflowers, Vicky!

Very beautiful and delicately painted. Great composition.

Thank you for the lovely comments. Karen asked what I meant by “putting it under the tap”. I know some of you have done this but for those that haven’t, and perhaps you have done a sky which wasn’t what you were aiming for, if you run cold water into a basin and get a soft large large brush and gently brush over the sky with running water, it will gradually fade. Sometimes this is all you need and other times, once blotted, you can then drop in a new sky.

Very very pretty

The white flowers are beautiful.love The touch of pink.

Absolutely lovely.

Thank you Vicky; that's a really useful tip which I'm sure will come in very useful for me!

Hang on Studio Wall

Mainly watercolour with a touch of pen and ink. I used gouache on the flower heads and masked in the white bind weed flowers. The painting also went under the tap halfway through but was the better for it!

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