Spring will come


Like your process for painting this lovely painting, icky

It’s worked out well. The flowers are lovely against the background.

Really interesting to read how you achieved this - very beautiful

Lovely magnolia great background. Can't wait for Spring!

Extremely well done Vicky.

This is stunning, Vicky. Beautiful background and very delicate flowers. Love the details in the petals.

Splendid work, I love the way you've handled the background...full of interest and makes the flowers pop.

Interesting to know the process. The result is beautiful.

Gorgeous flowers, Vicky - and a wonderful background too!

So beautiful. Try as I might, I’ve never had results as impressive with salt.

Thanks for explaining the creative process. Makes it more appreciative to understand how you got that wonderful background effect. Great work.

That's a lovely painting Vicky.

A beautiful painting Vicky.

Beautiful effects. Flowers are gorgeous

I love the technique using salt, it has a great effect Vicky, it’s uplifting, roll on the spring.

Superb painting. Delicate and subtle.

Hang on Studio Wall

I masked the flowers completely then did washes for the background in Payne’s grey with Alizarin Crimson and a light green. I added salt while the washes were wet and sat back to see what would happen. When completely dry, I worked on the flowers petal by petal.

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