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Love the combination of colours Val-Irene.

Great composition, Val-Irene! Love it!!

It ‘s the best way! It’s worked so well.

Love the shapes and all your colours that just naturally come together.

Wow live this painting!! Fab colours all works well

I love it, Val-Irene.

Thank you all. I never expected comments on this one as abstracts don't seem to be so popular ?

Really effective love the colours

Thanks for commenting on my Untitled abstract. To answer your question, it is about 35cm x 20cm. I really am impressed with your work here... great use of colour giving off real energy.

This especially appeals as I like the rectangular shapes and your lovely colours.

Great composition and gorgeous colours.

Lovely use of colour and depth to this painting, which takes us through to the dark beyond.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my abstract vision. I am not sure how they arrive at what they are but I think I just like putting colours together.

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Val-Irene Robertson

My passion is atmosphere, light, Colour and drama. Love all media and experimenting. Influenced by the great Turner and in modern day Peter Wileman.

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