Clive of India - One Liner

Clive of India - One Liner

Good one Thea I've seen Clive [ well his statue at least] and this is a really good resemblance, this one liner discipline seems to have upped everyone's game, so well done to all who have taken part!

Thanks, Debs. I feel a bit like a kid in a sweet shop with this style of drawing - it's addictive and exciting to do.

It's upped your game markedly, Thea. Stupendous work, the lines are confident and steady and the result is really attractive. Well done!

Thea your paintings have improved significantly with this new way of working. It has given your work a looseness and flow that was not there before, it also has the feel of a confident hand,I'm impressed and happy for you. Well done Thea keep it up.

This one line while glancing briefly at the paper technique is certainly working. I think that drawing is a lot about attitude. It doesn't work for me if I spend time pre drawing in pencil, erasing, measuring and getting all the angles right. By the time I've done all that, I just get bored with the subject. Careful drawing works for some I know, plus, we have to learn how to draw properly in the first place. When at college we spent hours accurately drawing an umbrella which I've never forgotten and that would have been a good exercise at the time. Now, I much prefer the spontaneous, relaxed feel that you've achieved here. More personal to you somehow. We have to look occasionally though I've realised, but just using the one continuous line is so much fun to do and like you, I think it will affect the way we draw in future. Your paint washes here look more 'relaxed' as well which is no surprise as you enjoyed the whole process so much.

Super work Thea, I don't think it matters how strictly you apply your your continuous line approach, the end result is the thing and this is very good.

it's all been said Thea and, as Gudrun says, you're raising the bar! Thanks for starting off this challenge, for me it's introduced a new way of looking at what I'm drawing and is helping with the painter's block. I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

Thank you very much Seok, Dennis, Gudrun, Louise, Stephen and Christine for all your interesting comments. All of you have spoken of aspects of this way of drawing and I agree with everything that has been said. It is a revelation to me, but then I am such a serious control freak (can't get up from the sofa without plumping up the cushions!!) that I know it was affecting my drawing and painting. This method of drawing removes that ability to control and hence what is in me artistically has a chance to show itself without being pummelled into submission. I feel less stressed when I draw like this as I know that I don't have to control what is happening - what a relief! And the bonus is that the drawings appear to be so much more expressive and lively - a 'win win' situation indeed.

A great result Thea, suits your style of painting.

Thank you, Carole - want to give it a go??

This one line drawing makes for a sure and confident rendition and then to add your fresh, colourful washes on top is like adding the spices to a recipe, Thea!

The bar is so high now with this marvellous drawing Thea that I'll never reach it. You have done an absolutely superb painting which is a pleasure to look at and so much more interesting than an accurate replica of the statue. Bravo! ( you might soon be able to leave the sofa without plumping up the cushions! )

A great painting

Yes, this is really good stuff Thea - keep it up!

Thank you very much, Sarah, Satu, Betty and Frank - glad you like the 'new school of contour drawing' style! Satu, I think you have not only reached the bar, but exceeded it - your one liners have been genius.

They just get better and better

Thank you, Michael! I am dying to keep going but I am struggling for time at the moment. Perhaps in the dead of the night.....!

These are sooo good Thea and you have the knack of knowing just where to place the paint to turn these oneliners into super paintings.

this has once again worked really well Thea,, like it, keep up the good work.

Thank you, Val and Graham - lovely feedback. Val, quite honestly I just slapped the paint on in the same loose and free way that I did the drawing - no idea if it was going to work. I would love to tell you that I planned it, but I would be fibbing I'm afraid. The thing about this drawing method is that it seems to free you up when you do the painting bit, which is a great feeling.

Hang on Studio Wall

I am so enjoying this new way of drawing that I felt I had to have another go and did this one of a statue of Clive of India which stands in the centre of Shrewsbury. A bit tricky, done with one continuous line and I had a couple of nanosecond glances down to keep on track with some of the detail, but essentially it has been done by trying to co-ordinate my hand and eye. I am trying to move this whole process on now so that I can apply it to all of my drawings. I think it will prove to be essential to have the occasional glance down at the paper, as long as you make these as brief as possible, so that your eye can continue to concentrate on the subject in front of you rather than worrying about what your hand is doing.

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