Poseidon Rising From the Sea - by Hector aged 11

Poseidon Rising From the Sea - by Hector aged 11

This is really good! Hector is a very talented boy Thea, he should keep painting

Hector certainly has talent. In fact Poseidon's face looks a little like on of my early self portraits, minus the grey beard and moustache (lol) Tell him, well done and to keep painting.

I meant one, not on, it's the heat!

Well done Hector.

Thank you very much Petra, Louise and Sylvia for commenting on Hector's painting. I just loved the expression on Poseidon's face - very scary, but then he was a bit fierce I understand. I will show Hector all the comments. I know that he is always very over-awed by the fact the established artists take the time to give their thoughts on his work.

It is in the genes, Thea. He is very talented! Do you have other creative grand children?

Thank you, Mia, for your lovely comment - I will pass it on to Hector. None of my other grandchildren are creative, but Noah, who is nearly 6, is getting better and better at drawing so perhaps he will be another. Hector started drawing when he was about 2yrs old and has never stopped. He doesn't seem to copy any picture or photo but just comes up with the image he wants to draw or paint. Perhaps I should be taking lessons from him as I am useless without some reference to work from!!

Wow, that's so good. The hair and the colours of his tunic, not to mention the face, brilliant Hector.

Very talented young man and with your encouragement he can only get better. Good painting Hector.

Thank you very much from Hector, Carole and Glennis. I will definitely keep encouraging Hector and we are starting to have some very 'arty' discussions about painting methods and techniques, which is nice.

Playing catch up again! Tell Hector well done from me too, epsecially like all the different textures he's achieved within a really well composed picture!

Thank you, Debs - I will pass your kind comment on to Hector. I agree that he got a lot of texture into the painting - this is more obvious on the original - reproducing work always makes it lose something I find.

A seriously good painting Hector!!

Very nicely done indeed, Thea, and he's just 11. You have a budding van Gogh in the family!

Thank you so much Satu and Seok. I am hoping that Hector keeps up with his art, and your lovely comments will certainly encourage, him.

Hector, I love this painting. You have composed it so well and that is very important to any picture. Very well done!

Hang on Studio Wall

When I went to collect Hector from school today, his Head Teacher called me in to show me an painting that Hector has done in connection with the class topic on Greek Mythology. He said he thought it was pretty good for Hector's age. The medium is oil pastel, which I actually find very tricky to work with (which is why I don't!!) so I think Hector has done a good job of working with it.

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