St Peter's Church, Cound - One Liner - Couple of Peeps As Got A Bit Lost!

St Peter's Church, Cound - One Liner - Couple of Peeps As Got A Bit Lost!

Must try this brill idea of yours Thea - one day

Pretty as a picture so I will forgive you posting what could well be your Christmas Card this early in the year! As a one-liner it's almost magical !!

This is impressive Thea! Those windows are fantastic and the perspective of the building is excellent. You're getting very good at this.

Thank you Derek, Debs and Christine - I am finding these ones quite addictive as you can probably tell! Not sure this will be my Christmas card this year, Debs - I think friends and family might think I have taken leave of my senses, lol!

I much prefer a drawing like this, which is full of life, to something which has been measured and penciled to perfection. This has character, is your personal drawing and expresses how you feel about the subject. I can tell you enjoyed doing this and that it wasn't a struggle, just a great deal of fun. Painting should be enjoyable in my opinion otherwise, what's the point? I do agree though that when using the one line, we have to look occasionally, but not be scared and trust that we can do it!! Having said that, I'll end by saying this is super, as Debs says, almost magical.

Nice work Thea lovely loose approach works very well.

I love it! I must have a go. (I doubt I will post the result though!) How did you do the snow spots?

Thank you very much Louise, Dennis and Diana - nice to have such positive feedback although I did have very little control over what the result was going to be like! I agree Louise - I have become hooked now on not bothering so much about accuracy and being more concerned about the liveliness of a drawing. I feel quite relieved at being released from having to try so hard to succeed with perspective, fiddly details, etc and now I feel I can let rip and just be artistic. Diana, the snow spots were some spattered white gouache - I had to use that rather than something like watercolour titanium white as I needed the snow flakes to look opaque.

Great title and like the drawing very much.The colour of the sky is good and makes for a interesting design.

Thea, this is indeed magical! It's so beautiful and tranquil, a real Christmas card. You said that you didn't have a lot of control with the result but you are wrong. Who's hand drew it, who's eyes stared at the picture? Yes, you guessed right, it was you Thea and nobody else. Fantastic new way to express yourself! It was your idea too!

Thank you very much David and Satu. True that I looked and I drew it Satu, but I don't know about you when you were doing your ones, I feel as if I am not trying to control anything (like I usually do) so it is a bit of an 'out of body experience' in a way.

Very good Thea, you get these one liner sketches just right.

Really nice work Thea and think the loose approach is great for this painting.

What a colourful result - love it.

Full of charm Thea!

Thank you very much Carole, Graham, Michael and Sarah - it's a really fun way to draw - takes the pressure off as you can't really control it. It's been quite a leap of faith for a control freak like me!

Magical !, I can only agree with everyone else, and I'm sure anyone would be delighted to receive this as a Xmas card.

Posted by K 0 on Sat 01 Nov 17:40:06

Yes, this has to be your Christmas card Thea - get some printed!

Thank you very much Kevin, Gudrun and Frank - however, are you really serious about it being a Xmas card? I only intended it as a bit of fun and to have another go at one line contour drawing so it is a real surprise that you think it is good enough to be a card - gosh!

Yes it certainly is good enough for a Christmas card Thea, but you'll need to brighten the image up a bit. If you need help getting it ready for printing, get in touch with me via

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Another contour drawing - one continuous line, but I had to have a couple of peeps at the paper as I got lost on one of the roof lines and the big window at the right hand end. I also decided at the end to include a couple of the gravestones but didn't link those lines - should have done in hindsight. I just wanted to see if it was possible to do a building, and although nothing about it is accurate or square, it is recognisable as our village church. I made it into a snow season just for a bit of fun and to be seasonal (even although it has been 19C today!!).

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