Shrewsbury Castle

Shrewsbury Castle

Love this Thea. Do you think the current occupants might be interested in your work? I love the way you have the three primaries washing around in the walls of the house, and the slightly more concentrated applications of paint at the top. Presumably some of this pigment dropped down to form those lovely 'impressionstic' washes. Great work.

Love the line of cars, I think you were right to include them as they add to the atmosphere and lead you into the castle, passed here many times but never been in, you make it look and sound so interesting that I will hope to pay it a visit next time! Super work.

Hi Thea, very nice i too love the line of cars leading in to the painting and bringing the eye right on to the castle. It is painted nicely and works well . I have a soft spot for Shrewsbury i lived in Baschurch for a few years in my teens and visited Shrewsbury every month .well done Thea. You seem to paint all the places i

Love the wash of colours on the building cars show good perspective Thea.

Very nice work Thea, I always try to leave cars out of my pics as they rarely work out, but these look good to me. I like the way you leave a few areas unpainted, leaves us to fill in the spaces in our minds. Spaces in the picture not in our minds that is lol.

Thank you very much Philip, Debs, Dennis, Carole and Stephen for leaving such nice comments. Philip, I wouldn't dare show the occupants of the castle any of my art work! Not brave enough, I'm afraid, but thank you for the vote of confidence. Dennis, glad I am hitting on subjects that strike a chord in you. Next is Ironbridge and then Attingham Park - have you been to either of these places? Stephen, I love putting cars, people, street furniture, etc in my pen and wash stuff as I always feel they help to make the scene look real, as this sort of stuff clutters up most vistas today. If you can't change it, then probably best to make a virtue out of it! Debs, the museum is a bit dry unless you are a fan of regimental artifacts, but the building itself and the gardens are really worth a look. And it is very convenient being right in the centre of the town.

I really like the addition of the cars Thea which add a touch of reality to a very nice scene. I see that they're all displaying their tax discs as well. It's little touches like this which add so much interest to a painting. Lovely work, good colour!

Lovely looking old castle and you have made it so inviting Thea! That red on the walls is beautiful and the cars do make it alive. ( Can they?) You know what I mean. The composition is perfect and the white areas as Stephen said, leave space for imagination. Very good work!

Another cracker from this master

I really like the composition in this painting Thea, the line of parked cars leading the eye to the building and the colours are fresh and bright as always. I am familiar with this area as we lived in Shrewsbury for a few years during the late 1970's and look forward to seeing more familiar landmarks.

Sunning! Love your work :)

Thank you very much Louise, Satu, Derek and Petra for your continuing support and lovely comments. Glad you like the tax discs, Louise - I am nothing if not law abiding! Derek, that is a super compliment and I am very flattered - so thank you. Christine, so you have been a Shropshire lass as well. It's a great place to live, although in local terms I am still a newcomer having only lived here for 20 years!

This picture is especially nice, Thea, and I hope you frame it. The colours are bright and fresh and the cars are brilliant. Thanks for your kind comments on my pic, and yes, I was surprised to find the team comments. (I have put the "Greens" picture into the competition, but I am sure there will be lots of other clever entries for it to compete with.) I went to Shropshire for a field course when I was young, and I remember buying some lovely earrings in Shrewsbury.

Love this and agree with all that's been said. Super colours.

Gorgeous fresh washes, a lovely palette and a sunny atmosphere - all the hallmarks of ink an wash at its best, Thea!

Love your loose painting of Shrewsbury Castle Thea. The orange and blue really compliment each other. Very Good

Thank you very much Shirley, Avril, Seok and Carol for your lovely comments. Shirley, Shropshire is a lovely county - very under-populated, which is nice because there is room to breathe. Shrewsbury has some amazing old buildings, the castle being at the pinnacle of these.

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Another in my series of pen and wash paintings of locally important buildings. Shrewsbury Castle is built of red sandstone, very typical of this area, and has it's origins from 1069 when the Normans built a wooden fort on the site. The present building was started at around 1074 and construction went on until about 1281. It now houses the Shropshire Regimental Museum, hence all the visitors' cars parked. I though I would include them to show that the castle is still used by local people and visitors and plays an important part in the modern life of Shrewsbury town. Pen and Wash.

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