The Blue Beach Hut

The Blue Beach Hut

It is a typical "Thea" painting and... I love it. Beautiful colour scheme, well done, Thea.

Thank you, Mia. I was actually a bit iffy about it but my husband said he really like it, especially the colours in the boat's hull, so I posted it, just to please my resident art critic!

Ahha! No mistaking one of yours Thea! Lots of lovely different colours - Think I would have chickened out with the colour of the hut and done something completely different - so well done you!

Another stunner, Thea! And definitely in your delightful, inimitable style. Boats are difficult, especially in watercolor, and I especially like the way you captured the essence and form without the distracting details. Well done! I'll be off on vacation for 3 weeks, so please excuse me if I am not commenting on your works during that time. I'll catch up when I get back.

Instantly recognizable as one of yours! I also like the colours on the boat's hull, the touches of blue work very well. However, and this is just my opinion and I daresay that others will disagree, I think that perhaps the hut could have been slightly darker which would balance the composition.

Hi Thea, I love the colours that you've managed to find in the boats hull, although, for me, the boats buoys are a bit bright on the left [as we look at the boat]. The sea horizon seems to be at a different level although that may be just the way it has been posted. A difficult subject but the essence of a day by the sea has definitely come across.

The line of the boats towards the hut is anchoring your composition so well, and of course your hall mark characteristic style and use of colour.Looking at the horizon, Alan might be right, however it seems that the paper may be at a slight angle which could explain this. Lovely subject beautifully painted.

I can only echo many of the comments already posted about this piece Thea, the colours , composition and subject are really well painted, would have recognised this as one of your paintings, like it.

Thank you Debs, Seok, Louise, Alan and Lesley for your nice feedback and comments. Louise, I know what you mean about the hut and boat and that was the dilemma. I loved the blue of the hut and wanted it to stay that colour. The hull of the boat had a lot of bulk - it would have been easier if the boat was smaller I suppose. In the original, the blue of the hut is a bit darker - it seems to have faded out in the photograph as I do find blues difficult to reproduce accurately. Alan, as regards the horizon line, I felt exactly the same as you do when I first drew it, so I got out my ruler and measured both sections from the bottom of the paper and the line is spot on, but looks wrong for some reason. It may be an optical illusion caused by the angle of the boat's top line - I don't know. I suppose I should have ignored the measurements and just gone for what looked right by eye. I found it a difficult composition and there were several tricky challenges in it. I don't think I addressed all of them correctly, but you do learn such a lot from trying.

Beautiful colours Thea. Striking painting.

It's a lovely colourful painting Thea and good for you to try something different.

Thank you, Carole, for your encouragement - it is very nice of you.

An eye catching kaleidoscope of glorious colour Thea.

It's another stunner Thea, I love your mixture of washes they are very individual to you and are great.

instantly recognisable as a "Thea". Wonderful use of colours and a joy to see. Regarding the horizon line. well, maybe slightly out. but check the horizon line of the Mona Lisa - same thing. I don't hear too many people complaining about that. It's so trivial, I didn't notice until I read the above coments.

Thank you very much Val, Fiona and Tony for your very kind comments. Tony, the horizon line is an optical illusion apparently because Louise tells me she put a set square on the painting and the line is correct, but I agree it doesn't look right. I shall do it by eye next time.

Hi Thea, me again. In answer to your question I suspect we have the same ideals in what we're trying to achieve, our characters just inflect the results differently. And that's the way it should be. I splash and splosh, groan and moan, prod and push paint around, and sometimes I see what I have in my mind's eye starting to materialse on the paper. Often not. But I do always have a vision of what I'm aiming for, it's just that everything we paint ends up looking like... well, ours! That's nice - though it shouldn't preclude development and experiment: if all you ever do is all you've ever done, then all you'll ever get is all you ever got.... I love experimenting. One thing a can say though: however 'loose' the result, the importance of a good drawing cannot be exaggerated.

So good to see your pretty boats in the March top tens, well deserved, congratulations.

Thank you very much, Lesley. I can't compete with your enviable record in the Top Ten, or your talent with painting boats, but it is nice to have a painting chosen for the monthly list.

I missed this one so p;leased it made the top 10 - so well deserved Thea

Congratulations on making the top ten Thea, beautifully painted as always

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