Lazy Daisy

Lazy Daisy

I really like the loose feel of this. White flowers are difficult at the best of times, one of the ladies in a botanical painting class I used to attend, painted white flowers on white background wash!

A nice pattern has formed behind the flowers Thea but you know that I usually pick up on any design element! I think that it's lovely, the jug and the fruit has a good sheen and how you manage to position those splatters so perfectly is a mystery to me. Well done!

Thank you very much Elizabeth and Louise for your comments - much appreciated. Louise, one evening, one very large sheet of paper on the floor, one brush, paint and water, lots of practice and hey presto - I could spatter. Mind you, it does also have the tendency to go where you don't want it too as well! You just have to dab those ones off quickly.

Lovely and loose and fresh as a daisy

It works for me a lovely fresh painting

Another beautiful painting, just lovely.

Thank you very much Michael, Glennis and Karyl. Your encouraging comments are very nice to have after the angst I went through trying to work out how to paint white flowers on a white background!

Thank you very much, Carole.

Very pretty picture, the blue jug sets of the daisies a treat!

Ooooh I do like this Thea. My favourite Cobalt blue (I think!) and such lovely fresh colours all done in a few seconds! Well it certainly looks as if it was - meaning a free style letting the water work wonders!

Thank you very much, Debs and Avril - yes - it is cobalt blue and unfortunately it wasn't done in a few seconds (I wish!) as I was really stuck as to how to do white flowers. A bit of head scratching went on before I arrived at my solution. Thank you both for looking and being so kind as to leave a comment.

Gorgeous watercolour Daisies Thea, gorgeous blue jug they are standing in and the Daisies themselves are great as white ones with super orangey brown centres to them, and lovely painting of the apple and lemon adding alternative focal points to the scene,

I think you did a wonderful job with the flowers, Thea. As usual, you are too hard on yourself. The suggestion of the flowers, with just tints in between, is so very effective. I have been afflicted with the same malady - flower painting in watercolor is not my strong suit, and I find myself being drawn again and again to paint white flowers, never learning from previous disasters!

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I have been losing the plot a bit with paintings flowers recently - don't know why - just one of those blips I suppose. So what do I do - I choose to paint all white flowers! I have never painted an all white flower arrangement in my life and hadn't a clue how to approach it. You would have thought that I would have chosen something a bit easier, wouldn't you . Anyway, this is the best I could come up with. P.S. At least the apple looks passable lol! Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico Extra White 140lbs.

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