Chasing Down The Ball

Chasing Down The Ball

What a stunning addition to your superb gallery, Thea. I love your subjects and style. Well done.

Thank you very much, Mia, and especially for taking the time to comment when you are so under the weather.

Great work this Thea ---wonderful painting. ---- enjoyed your article in the July e - newsletter -- congrats

You achieve such clarity of colour, Thea, your style is outstanding...Hats off to you too. (Must investigate the July email newsletter as I have somehow missed it.) Look forward to seeing you at ODSA Ex. hand in shortly...are you all prepared?!! To frame or not to frame, to sell or not to sell....That is the question one does battle with!

Super painting Thea

Thank you very much Charles, Rebecca, Ruth and Paul for your nice comments. Charles, I am glad you enjoyed the article - I enjoyed yours very much indeed. Ruth, you have to sign up for the newsletter but because it has now gone out the best thing is to email Dawn and she will forward it to you. Also looking forward to the ODSA dinner next week - see you then. I have got all my exhibition pieces ready - hope they will look ok!

No problems with this one - a great painting and an interesting article - lets hope the exercise is repeated in future newsletters

Wonderful painting, full of action and clear colors. Amazing gallery too.

Thank you so much, Pat, you are very kind.

Plenty of movement in this one Thea and I really enjoyed reading your article in the e newsletter.

Another great watercolour. Must ask Dawn for the newsletter.

Great painting Thea and congratulations on the article

Thank you very much Val, Pat and Glennis for such generous comments. I was a very surprised at being asked to write an article, especially given my limited painting experience, but it proved to be a very enjoyable exercise and made me really think about how I work.

Super painting full of life. Enjoyed your article, very interesting to read all about your journey :)

Another stunning painting Thea, love it!

Great painting. Those horses are really shifting fast :) Thorally enjoyed the artical, hope that there will be more in the pipeline .

Absolutely beautiful, Thea! Love the way you brought the action to life and the fabulous palette.

Thank your very much Lesley, Petra, Sarah and Seok, for your great comments and also for being so kind about my journalistic attempts - really nice of you all.

Lovely strong painting.You homed in on exactly what you wanted ,and works brilliantly.Thankyou for your comment.For several years I did a job requiring me to get up at 5am 7 days a week.So what the painting is what I first saw in the morning.

Your article was an interesting read Thea, with a super result.

Great work Thea.

Playing catch-up again! Great work Thea, lively colourful and interesting, just like your article for the newsletter which I thoroughly enjoyed.

That's a tough composition Thea but you've captured the movement really well, Excellent!

well you have captured the action horses and riders there, just a lovely water color going to have a look at your gallery and thank you for commenting on my bird.

Love this painting makes me want to loosen up.

Thea, thank you for your reply, I do hope I have got the wrong end of the stick and look forward to the explanation. Here is my email if it makes the whole thing easier for you; [email protected]

Thank you all so very much for all your lovely comments. Glad you enjoyed the newsletter - I found it a challenge to do, but a lot of fun.

A great picture of horses in action Thea!

Hang on Studio Wall

Once again, one of my favourite subjects - horses. I did this painting as a demo for the article I wrote for the July e-Newsletter. I actually found a demo piece really hard to do as I was terrified of messing up too much and having to start again. Hats off to people who do them all the time! Watercolour on Langton 300lbs.

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