Leeds Castle in Summer

Leeds Castle in Summer

Lovely painting Thea.

Nothing heavy and brooding about your castle Thea, it's lovely.

Leeds Castle does have a Fairytale feel to it which you have captured very successfully,super atmosphere and instantly recognizable as one of yours!

Thank you very much, Larry (hope you are well!), Fiona and Debs for your encouraging comments. I wish I knew how to stop the paper looking either a dirty grey or blue when photographed, but even with a new camera I can't seem to solve this problem. It does affect how the painting looks on the screen unfortunately, but heigh ho - that's technology for you!

I know that Leeds castle isn't in Leeds! Think that it's in Kent, but wherever, it looks to be a lovely place if this painting is anything to go by. It's very nice Thea, as Debs says, instantly recognizable as a Thea painting. The colour works very well, with just enough detail on the castle, not overworked, but enough to indicate the stone and strength of such a building. Nice shadows and flowers as well :)

Thank you, Louise for your continuing support. Yes I think the castle is in Kent. I have never been there but I would love to see it in the flesh as it is a very pretty castle.

Thea - this is lovely & light - just seems to make a heavy structure float but still seems totally correct in every way!

Beautiful painting and many congrats on your success with the s a a:)Linda

Thank you very much Jamie and Linda for such nice comments. Linda, I didn't realise the SAA results were online and thank you for the congrats.

Clean and bright painting Thea with beautiful delicate colours and reflections, well done.

Thank you very much Carole - your comment is much appreciated. I haven't really done reflections much before, so I am pleased if you think they are ok.

Very nice Thea, lots of light and colour.

Thank you, Stephen, lightness was what I was trying to convey so always a bonus if that's what comes over!

I have been there and it is a beautiful castle, you've captured the feel of it so well. Love the detail, your treatment of the reflections and the flying flag, which adds a sense of movement to this calm scene.

Thank you, Lesley, for your kind comment. I am determined to go there now that I have painted it. Probably should have painted it from life, but the studio option in our current weather is the more attractive option I think!

Charming landscape Thea.

Thank you very much Michael and Pete for having a look and leaving such positive comments, much appreciated.

This does look lovely and light too Thea.

This is gorgeous, Thea! Love your light and sunny interpretation. It's certainly the seminal setting for a fairy tale.

Thank you so much Denise and Seok. Your comments always encourage me!

Congrats - four in the top 10 and do well deserved Thea - keep wielding the brush

Very kind of you, Rebecca. Well done on your entries too.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another of my attempts at a landscape. Castles usually come over to me as large, heavy and brooding buildings but Leeds Castle seems to have more of a fairytale feel and a lightness which I tried to capture. I have had a nightmare trying to photograph this painting, probably because of all the white paper, but this is the best I can come up with. Watercolour on Langton 300lbs.

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