Parsley's Come Home!

Parsley's Come Home!

Excellent portrait, you have captured the happiness of your grandchild so well, really beautiful painting

I am so glad Noah got Parsley back and you certainly have captured that look of joy on his little face. It's a lovely beautiful painting and that look will be captured for all of you better than the photo, well I think so.

Posted by Joy Lee on Tue 28 Jun 10:22:18

Thank you, Petra and Joy, for your lovely comments. This is the first time I have attempted arms and hands in a close up portrait - so was in very new territory. Tried not to make them look like big sides of ham!! Dear old Parsley, he is so saggy now, but Noah does love him so.

Well what can I say, I think this is your best yet, and glad Noah was re-united with Parsley!

One of your very best, Thea. Love the painting and the story!

Posted by Ann Cook on Tue 28 Jun 12:07:17

Like Ann and Debs, I also think that this is one of your best portraits. Noahs joy at being re united with his Parsley shines through! A happy ending to the story as well!

A lovely story and a Really sweet, well produced painting Thea, gosh the arms look so Natural!!! x

Thank you so much Debs, Ann, Louise and Angi for your lovely feedback, which I think you know means so much to me. Angi - glad the arms come over as ok - absolute so-an-so to draw - I must have done the upper hand about 5 times. Goodness knows why fingers can end up looking like sausages! I have to say that I have never been so relieved as when I opened the parcel from France and found Parsley inside.

Great painting and a story with a great ending.

Thank you very much, Larry. Hope you are well and the painting is going to plan. Will be in touch as I have something to send you.

I love happy endings and I love your paintings Thea...fabulous!

what a lovely story to go with a beautiful painting, his happiness is shining through

What a lovely ending to the story and a wonderful portrait of Noah. This is so emotional, Thea. Really love it.

Thank you so much, Fiona, Lilias and Mia for your lovely comments. It was a happy ending, Fiona, and we were all in floods of tears - Noah was the only one smiling! It was daft to be like that about a saggy old toy, but Parsley is so very special that we all hated coming home thinking that he had been left behind in France.

I can not add any more Brilliant work ----------- Thea give me a week or so and I will sort a couple of photos with less green for paint--- green can be painted I will send you a couple of tips

The expression is wonderful - he looks sooo happy! No doubt Parsley was relieved to be home too! A beautiful portrait capturing a special moment.

Oh that loving look, you were right to capture this happy ending Thea. A beauty.

Oh that loving look, you were right to capture this happy ending Thea. A beauty.

Sorry for posting twice. Short memory span, forgot I replied it!!

Thank you Charles (can't wait for the green-less photo - thank you!), Avril and Carole for your lovely and generous comments - always so appreciated. Carole, I know all about memory issues - I like to think it is because my brain is full with important issues so no room for any more. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!

I think you are so right Thea, I shall adopt this little gem!!

Such a heartwarming story, Thea, and such a beautiful painting. You've captured the moment superbly!

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There is a bit of a story to this one. I recently took my younger daughter and her two little ones, Noah and Tabitha to EuroDisney. While there, Noah's precious comforter toy, Parsley, got mistakenly gathered up with the dirty sheets from our room and sent to the laundry. Major panic as Noah can't get to sleep without his beloved Parsley. It was a huge laundry that served about 10 Disney hotels, so it was looking doubtful that poor P would ever be found. However, a lot of persistance on my part and a helpful member of staff at the hotel paid off and Parley was re-patriated to Noah a week after we got home. I took this photo at the moment that Noah was given Parsely back. I just loved the look of love on his face and had to try and capture it. Watercolour on Langton 140lbs.

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