Man Of The Streets

Man Of The Streets

Happily, I can't see the mistakes. I can however see the influence of Charles Reid in those apparently randomly-placed (but actually not) brush-strokes. You're lucky to have a vagrant who plays guitar for his booze: we have one who plays the didgeridoo --- oh, didgeridon't, I say....

The penny whistle is popular with the homeless down our way (and they all have dogs so I give them money). Thank you for the comment, Robert - perhaps I will refrain from pointing all the mistakes out - but they are there, I assure you. As for the randomly placed brush strokes - I wish... you are right that they are anything but - however, that is more likely my inexperience than some deliberate artistic skill on my part. Still, in the end, I enjoyed the challenge and learned some new stuff from doing it - all you can really ask in the end, eh?

You have captured him beautifully Thea, lovely figurework, super folds in his clothing, love how you rendered his face as well, just enough details of the seat and shrub behind him,, lovely bright colours, you have caught the resigned look of him at his situation perfectly, certainly a change of subject for you but you have made a lovely job of it.

Thank you very much, Ros. Definitely a change of subject, but then we have to do that sometimes to keep ourselves fresh, don't we.

He seems to be thinking, 'never mind taking my photo, just give me a couple of quid'! .Good work Thea, I like the way that he's slumped on the bench, drinks can at the ready. Nice shoes as well!

Thank you very much, Louise - actually I am a right sucker for these types and am always dishing out money to them - sort of 'There but for the grace of God...' etc You have got to feel sorry for anyone living rough as it must be awful.

It is a beautiful painting Thea and the mistakes that you might see there don't matter at all. It's not always the accuracy that we are looking for but the general feeling and atmosphere which in this painting are so good and heartwarming. The mans pose is relaxed and he seems to be quite happy within the way he is. You have done him proud and shared a little of his life with us.

'Hey man - just chillin' lol He looks a real character, which you've captured remarkably well, love the can and the hat, super one!

Thank you very much Gudrun, Satu and Debs - really kind of you to leave me such generous feedback.

lovely picture, so delicate.

Well done for tackling a new subject and for doing such a good job :)

Thank you very much Karyl and Lesley for such nice comments. I am rather into new subjects at the moment (donkeys, tramps, etc!) so more surprises may come in the future! Be warned, lol!

As usual I've come to this a bit late but what a super painting it is. I just love the expression you've captured on his face and the understated foliage in the background. I just wish I could learn that you don't have to cover every bit of the paper with paint LOL

Good strong watercolour, like the mans face.

Thank you very much Val and David - really kind of you to comment and appreciate your nice words. Val, I actually have a horror of losing too much of my white paper so I think I am at the other end of the spectrum. Getting the balance right is really hard I find.

Lovely portrait. I love the way you've captured the chilled out feel.

Hi Thea. You have gone straight to the essence of this subject and here the palette you use is most effective. I do so admire the dedication and perseverance you put into getting the results that you are after. Thanks for commenting on my Quirky, and thank you, yes, I am well alive and kicking!! I do hear news of you from time to time from Julia, which is nice.

Thank you very much Dawn and Ruth - lovely comments and so appreciated. Ruth, thank you also for your comment on my other painting - lovely of you. I also hear what you are up to from Julia and I know she passes on what is happening in my life, although that is rather depressing and difficult at the moment. Thank you for all your good wishes.

If there are mistakes, I can't see any, and the whole painting works wonderfully. You've captured the rather bleak scene in an utterly charming way, and top notch greens again, Thea! Beautifully painted!

Thank you very much, Seok - really lovely of you to say all those nice things.

Thank you very much, Kim.

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Another new subject for me and a big challenge. I saw this photo of a vagrant who plainly pays for his booze by playing his trusty guitar. He had such a childlike and vacant expression, which I presume comes from years of heavy drinking and which I wanted to capture. Anyway, an interesting one for me to have a go at. There are quite of lot of mistakes in it, but I thought I would post it anyway as there are bits I am pleased with. Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico Extra White 300lbs.

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