At Last!!

At Last!!

Stunning portrait Thea, I am sure he loves it!

this is really something Thea - love the way you have 'woven' the colours together - one of my favourites in your portrait gallery

You should be feeling rather pleased with yourself now that you've won the battle with Hector's portrait. I know what a battle it can turn in to and the satisfaction when it all works so well. This is a super portrait of a happy little boy. The shadows and light on his face are just right. (I've looked closely in the hope of picking up some tips!) You add a few bluey touches to the skin tones which work well. If fact, when looking closely at skin, I've realised just how much colour there actually is. The skin tones here are good. Well done for persevering and what a good result!

This is again a stunning addition to your beautiful portrait gallery, Thea.

Thank you so much Petra, Kirstie, Louise and Mia and Michael for your encouraging comments. The very first portrait I ever did was of Hector which obviously wasn't very good and I have been struggling ever since to do one that I felt was a good likeness, described who Hector is and was also painted in a way that I felt satisfied with.. About 4 have gone in the bin over the past year, so the relief in actually turning one that I didn't feel belonged in the bin is enormous. I was beginning to think that I had totally lost the plot with portraits!

Well done Thea.This is fantastic.Thank you for comments left on the Peony.Like you,I only get to check the gallery every so often and then it's a case of trying to catch up.

A lovely portrait Thea. Wonderful skin tones.

You have again captured some beautiful light on the face, lovely work.

Thank you very much Larry, Satu, Carole and Lesley for your positive comments. I think all artists need encouragement and I certainly appreciate the support I get on POL.

Fabulous smile and sparkling eyes....well done Thea!

Beautiful portrait Thea, Hector has a real sparkle in his eyes.

Playing catch-up again, so sorry for the late comment. Lovely portrait of Hector, really well done, you must be so happy to have produced such a positive happy picture!

Thank you so much Fiona, Val and Debs - lovely comments - so much appreciated.

Lovelt portrait Thea - your skin tones are always spot on - great painting

Thank you Glennis for your very nice comment - much appreciated.

Such a lovely portrait, Thea! I really like the skin tones, and the very sparkly personality that comes through his expression. Obviously painted with love!

I posted this once, Thea, but it seems to have got lost. Just to compliment you on this fine gallery of portraits and the quality of handling of the watercolour. What have youdone with these pieces. I imagine a "family gallery" somewhere.

Thank you so much Seok and Dennis. Yes, a family gallery is definitely beginning for form!

Hang on Studio Wall

Strange title for a portrait I know, but I have been battling for ages to produce just one portrait of my middle grandson, Hector, that I am actually happy with. This shows him when he was 6 yrs old (now 11 yrs old) but it was the only decent photo I had to work from. Now I can hopefully put the subject to rest for a while.....! Watercolour on Langton Prestige 140lbs.

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