Sightseeing in Venice

Sightseeing in Venice

I think this is absolutely delightful. You have retained your style in this landscape, and handled it very sensitively. Love it!

I really love the freedom of it! I always think its more about what you don't put in. Lovely work

Super , lovely light and a light touch, composition and treatment.

Thea this is amazing! You are really beginning to master the style you admire - plenty of white spaces with just enough detail to catch the eye and tell the story. Really well done. Love the colours as usual, plenty of movement, lots of light ...brilliant!

Lovely, loose Venice scene. (Maybe I should dig out my old photos and have a go....!)

Superb Thea......

Thea this is well your style is evolving. This does everything you wanted it to do, light, colour, movement, everything! You are mastering this style so wonderfully. Good for you! Just love the colours you use, they really work for you.

Just looked at your gallery superb!!!

it's a very good start thea keep with it ....... your paintings in the gallery are a treat to look at .

Thank you everyone for those kind and helpful comments. I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting too much approval for this painting as it was a bit of an experiment. With all this encouragement I feel I am on the right path and it just spurs me on to keep working and keep trying.

Abslutely great! I love your portfolio. ALL OF IT!

Thnaks for your kind comment on my (attempt) at a venice scene. You are quite right, it is a photo I found on the interwebnet. Get some great ideas off there! I came looking for your version but was disappointed that it's not here. However what I can see is superb. You certainly have the all important "feel" for watercolours - something I'm still trying to find!

wow........i think this one is my the detail and the angle of the boat comng towards you and the water.....its a place id love to go one day

You are on the right path Thea. I find your paintings absolutely lovely and refreshing. I wish that I could use watercolours like that. All your works are full of light and very delicate. Beautiful !!

Thank you very much to everyone for taking the time to look and comment. It is so pleasing when you get positive feedback and always spurs you on to do better.

Thea, thank you for your comment on my painting of tulips. I've been browsing your gallery, and I'm jealous of your ability in a medium I cant manage. This is my favourite pic in what is a super gallery.

This painting has achieved just what you wanted, its clean, crisp colourful and well painted.

I like your style which is nice and bright with a good mixture of loose and more detailed areas. The drawing of the buildings and domes is very good. The only constructive suggestion is with the refelction of the posts on the right. reflections always point toward the viewer, which would mean the viewer is well out to the right of the picture. I suppose that could be the case if this has been cropped from a photo of a wider view but it does take the eye out of the painting. Hope this does not sound harsh.

Thank you, Stephen, for your nice comments. As for the reflections - well it is no secret that I am rubbish at shadows and reflections. I have got a bit better since I painted this Venice scene, but I get so carried away with the colours and trying to preserve my white paper that other details go to the bottom of the pile! Very naughty of me, but my excuse is that my paintings are more about impressions than accuracy so I throw caution to the wind and get all sorts of things wrong. My heart and soul doesn't seem to grasp the concept of rules - must have a stern word with them lol!! Thank you for this input as it is now in my memory bank and I shall think of you next time I do my reflections and shadows and hopefully I will get them right!

I've been looking at your portfolio again, Thea, and it just seems to me that you can capture the essence of your subject exactly without ever overdoing it. All great!!

Posted by Ann Cook on Tue 08 Nov 17:05:35

Well i think this is lovely and i like your style of painting. Reminds me a little of Judi Whitton and Charles Reid. Your work is very fresh, with a real delicacy to it. Well done.

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