We're Not Happy!

We're Not Happy!

Lovely skin tones, yes she has a sad expression.

I like your loose watercolour technique, I'd like to paint more loosely like you but Like my Scottish wallet I'm usually too tight

Thank you very much Lorraine & Aaron for your kind comments. Tabitha has a real mind of her own (and so young!) and thoroughly disapproves of anyone thwarting her. Her expressions are quite funny at times. Aaron, I am Scottish as well, although not sure my husband would agree that my wallet was tight! Far too fond of shopping I'm afraid. I would actually like to go a lot looser in my portraits but haven't quite worked out how best to do this yet without losing the features and the likeness.

A touch of defiance in that expression Thea, but very cute with it!

You are very good at portrait painting too, Thea. That gallery is beautiful. You can show their expression with so little touches. Marvellous!

Kids ehhh, nice rendering and tones, lovely image.

Thea, what a lovely picture! you are very good with portraiture in watercolour, not an easy medium to tackle portrait. So very well done.

I think that's a very cute pout!

Thank you all so much for all that interesting feedback. I am beginning to love doing portraits, especially of children and my grandchildren in particular. Your input makes me want to keep trying to improve.

You're really good as it is Thea. You've certainly captured a crabby moment to perfection!

This is a wonderful portrait of your little granddaughter. Agree with Mia that you are very good at all sortsof watercolour painting. Thanks, thea, for taking the time to review my paintings.

Another gem Thea, Love the skintones and the looseness of brushwork in the hair.

I don't know how I missed this one Thea - it's so gorgeous! What a look! I also love your most recent painting of Tabitha - oh how she will appreciate these when she is older. You make it look so easy and we all know it isn't - very well done.

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This is a painting of my little granddaughter, Tabitha, who is 13 months old. The expression is her 'pouty' look when she can't get what she wants -she's a very fiesty little thing!

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