She's a cool character and I love the rich colours.

Lovely work Thea . Looks like you done your wash almost in one pass . Well done .

Coco has a surprised look on her face. Love the way you've let the colours mingle.

Such a good painting they must be pleased!!

Thank you very much Louise, Dennis & Frank for your kind comments. Dennis, I did the wash in almost one go and dropped some extra colours in here and there just for fun. It is only a quick sketch - nothing too serious and as for the look on Coco's face - oriental cats are very haughty and definitely rule the roost. She is no exception.

Thank you Linda for you kind comment. I didn't intend it for anyone other than me as it was just a bit of fun, but I will show the sketch to my nephew when I next see him.

This is a really good little watercolour study, great wet in wet washes which are so magical to do. Well done for the expressive way its been painted, you could so easily have carefully coloured it all in and destroyed its charm.

A lovely little one liner Thea. How nice that Coco has found a loving new home too.

A fun kitty.

Lovely washes on the body Thea, and there is so much animation in that tail!

Lovely dropping in of paint Thea

A beauty Thea, so pleased she has a lovely new home. Love the one liner!

Great painting Thea, one 'cool' cat!

Thank you very much Alan, Christine, Sylvia and Fiona for such nice comments. I am actually very grateful and a bit overwhelmed at how kind everyone has been about what is actually just a little sketch.

Thank you very much Dennis, Carole and Glennis for your continued support and lovely comments.

I love your one liner drawings Thea - and this has lots of character and great appeal. I love the looseness in your painting. Like you, I wish I had taken up painting years ago!

Very lively image Thea, looks like a cat with attitude! I don't know why but the the splattering certainly adds to the vitality.

Lovely life infused painting , it really is the “ cats whiskers ” .... Excellent

Thank you very much Julie, Stephen and Dermot for such nice comments. Stephen, I don't know either why spattering paint adds vitality to a painting, but it does seem to. Perhaps it is the obvious lack of control that you have when doing the spattering - it just lands where it lands. However, I do find that you have to try to aim for certain shapes of spatters - some work and some don't so it isn't completely random from that point of view. I added the ones at the top of the page and then the bottom of the page but found it needed something extra and as soon as I added the ones by Coco's tail, the balance seemed right. I do think that spatters, runs and blowing paint can describe a sense of movement as well - take the flying mud from the hooves of racehorses - spatters work a treat with showing that.

Long live one liners Thea! Coco is fantastic and looks like a real character!

Thank you very much Satu - really kind of you (and all Burmese are real characters. My daughter has two of them and they are into everything - real nosy parkers!).

Gorgeous colours. I'm pleased she is settling in to her new life.

Thank you, Gudrun, for your kind comment. It was a worry when my brother died as they were everything to each other, but happily she has settled in well in her new home where she is the only pet and is spoiled rotten.

My Dad had a Burmese cat and she too had to find a new home, which she did with his neighbours. This reminds me very much of her, very elegant and lovely colouring!

Great jolly painting, love the dots of pure colour at the base

This delightful watercolour has so much personality - love it Thea

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my late brother's beloved brown Burmese cat, Coco. She has found a lovely new home with my nephew and his wife and has finally settled in after a lot of yowling (Burmese are VERY loud!). I forgot to add that this is a one liner.

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