Guess Who (80/20 one liner)

Guess Who (80/20 one liner)

You are so good at these Thea. I don't have sky but I know that face

Nice lively portrait, I feel I should know the lady but the name escapes me. jenny someone?

Hi Thea, I didn't see the portrait artist of the year but the name that came straight in to my mind was Jilly Cooper? I'm probably miles off the mark, great style that you are developing with these portraits Thea.

You are getting so good at these Thea and there is no doubt it's Jilly Cooper, I watched the programme but didn't need the clue!

Jilly Cooper..... You know Thea you could set up a little business doing these. a tenner a pic.

Excellent Jilly Cooper portrait!

Thank you Dennis, Stephen, Fiona, Christine, Sylvia and Shirley for having a guess and your kind comments. It is indeed our Jilly. I have actually had a go at three of the sitters from the programme - two more to be posted shortly. I just thought it was an interesting challenge, having seen the porpper artists at work, to see what I could do with them. The programme was wonderful (if you haven't seen it then go to iPlayer and have a look - you won't be disappointed) and Christian Hook, who won the competition is an amazing artist and I just loved all his paintings, especially the winning commission.

I actually recognized this one.... but couldn't get to it fast enough to show off because I was removing more ************* spam on the forum.

Thank you Robert - at least she write books rather than appearing on the TV, which is probably gave you more of a fighting chance of guessing right! Sylvia - a tenner a piece, mmmm... there's a thought. I would do it as long as I could set myself up somewhere lovely, like Montmartre, and sit among the other artists although not sure I would get much business with competition like that!

I knew straight away. I tried to get to the portrait competition on line, but I don't subscribe to sky TV!! I did, however, see two paintings of each finalists in the National Portrait Gallery. All impressive.

Well done for guessing, Gudrun. I actually thought this one was harder to guess than the Rowan Atkinson, but it turned out to be the other way around. Lucky you seeing the portraits in London. I would have loved to, but I have a broken toe at the moment and I won't be fully operational for about another 5 weeks, but which time the exhibition will have finished. My husband wants to go down to see them as he loved watching the programme.

Jilly Cooper, well done

Recognized that gap in the teeth straight away, mind you she does have a look of Camilla - don't you think?

I knew immediately and will say that you're very good at these!

Welll done Glennis, Debs and Louise - I suppose it is the distinctive gap in the teeth that gives it away. I have never worked out why she didn't have dental work and close the gap - perhaps it was her signature look - who knows? Anyway, it helped my portrait of her to be recognised so I am not complaining. I love her books and I could still swoon over Rupert Campbell-Black!

Great drawing again Thea!!

Oh I missed this one, Jillie Cooper ! I knew from the thumbnail yippee I guessed.

I don't watch much TV so don't know who this is. What I do know is that you can paint well. Love the technique.

Another superlative piece, Thea! Love the wavy hair, the likeness is unmistakable!

Hang on Studio Wall

Not sure anyone will get this one, but if you have been watching Sky Portrait Artist of the Year, then you might guess? Another one liner using the 80% looking at subject, etc method. I don't think from this that they are going to invite me to take part in next year's programme, lol!

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