A. Stephen Norris


‘Steve’ is a self-taught watercolour artist who was born and raised in Rhodesia, (now Zimbabwe) Southern Africa. His early years formed his love of creating images in pencil that later developed him into a watercolour impressionist. Although not prolific, his work has been bought by art lovers and collectors in Southern Africa, Britain and beyond. Known mainly as a landscape painter, Steve’s more recent works such as ‘Shopping in Capri’ and ‘Meeting at Browns’ include figures that add an extra ‘life’ dimension to the work. During the disruptive bush war that preceded Rhodesia finally becoming Zimbabwe he painted very little. Later in 1977 he moved around between England and Africa before eventually settling in Bristol where he found time to paint again. He recently produced a series of old houses of the Cape Dutch architectural style around Cape Town before moving on to paint urban European scenes with an emphasis on the fluid transparency that only watercolour can achieve. Lately Steve has moved to Sussex where he enjoys en plein air painting when the weather allows. His work is often available from Findon Framing Company in Broadwater near Worthing.