Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant

Thea = forgive me for not commenting on your recent postings but I am not visiting the site as much as I used to due to pressures on my time. Anyway glad I looked in today - I saw the name Thea and it was like meeting an old friend - so pleased you are posting again and I do hope that everything s working out well for you. As for this it is just like the pictures I associate with your work - full of fun and vibrancy.

tHANK YOU VERY MUCH, mICHAEL. I agreeIT IS NICE TO HEarFROM OLD FRIENDS. I am enjoying my painting at the moment as it takes my mind off my serious health issues.

This little elephant has to be the sweetest one ever. He's dancing along happily and has made me smile :)

A very fun little fella... gorgeous

So lovely, Thea. It made me smile!

Thank you is and Sylvia. I thought he was a cute little chap as well and a nice subject to paint . I really appreciate your encouraging comments.

A sweet little elephant. I love the colours and looseness.

Looks like he/she is full of the joys of spring Thea.

Thank you Ellen and Val for you very kind comments. I do find elephants fascinating because they have so much character.

Loads of vitality and fun in this piece, Thea. Lovely work!

Bounding with energy Thea 🤗

Hang on Studio Wall

I watched the amateur painting programme on tv and some of the artists were painting elephants. I actually thought the ones they painted looked a bit solid and full so I decided to paint a baby elephant with a bit more energy and vivacity about it. Hopefully it has worked.

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