Sour Face! (drawn by Hector, aged 14).

Sour Face! (drawn by Hector, aged 14).

This is a drawing done by my 14 year old grandson, Hector. At school, they were all given very sour sweets to suck and then they had to take photos of each other and the faces they made. They then drew themselves and this is Hector's 'sour face' self-portrait, done in pen and ink.

A really 'sour face' self-portrait Hector. Excellent pen work and drawn with confidence.

Excellent portrait Hector, soooo expressive

Well done Hector . I am pulling the same face thinking about sour sweets. I like your use of cross hatching.

Thank you from Hector. He's very appreciative of any feedback or comments.

nice honest drawing Thea very nice and wow you really caught the sourness in his face excellent .

Thank you, Dennis, very kind of you to comment. I will pass it on to Hector and I know he will very happy.

That sour faced look is a difficult one to capture, but Hector has done really well, his drawing is very expressive!

So full of personality. Made me smile, Thea!

Yes not easy but with Gran's skill he will be another winner. Smashing study with a diff subject

Nice work Hector!

Thank you very much on Hector's behalf, Christine, Glennis and Seok.

Thank you very much Derek, Debs and Gudrun - Hector will be very flattered by your lovely comments and I will pass them on to him. Gudrun, I saw your drawing and I have just taken a photo of myself eating one of those very sour fruit sweets. It may appear on the gallery! Would be a good challenge and a change from self-portraits where we try and make ourselves look at our best (well, we do don't we, lol!)

Great 'sour face' Hector.

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