Ocean Life - Painting on Ceramic by Hector aged 12

Ocean Life - Painting on Ceramic by Hector aged 12

Great bright colors, and character in the fish. Not easy trying to paint with ceramic paints. Well done!

Posted by K 0 on Thu 09 Jan 08:18:18

Clever Hector! It! A lovely jolly little painting and a very individual gift too.

I really like this rather well designed tile. As well as the good colours, there's added humour with the startled looking crab and the large grey fish leaving the scene on the right! Lots to look at and what a result!

Lovely joyful piece of work, looks like Hector has inherited your sense of colour Thea. The boat especially has a hint of your colourful style.

Fresh and colourful, well done Hector!

Thank you all on Hector's behalf. He will be thrilled that proper artists have taken the time to comment on his tile. Stephen, I can see exactly what you mean about the boat - perhaps we have a family style, lol! Hector is better than me in that he never uses any resource material but just thinks up what he is going to paint or draw out of his head and then just gets on and does it without any preliminary work. I need to think about what I am going to do and also need to use a photo or real life to produce a painting. The bravado of the young! I have just bought Hector some acrylic paints as I thought they might suit the fact that he likes to paint tropical fish and sea scenes as you can achieve nice bright colours with them so I will be interested to see what he does with them. I feel so envious of him as I do so wish I had started drawing and painting at an early age, like him, rather than starting in my dotage.

A fishy tail...Hector. So well done.

This is gorgeous, Thea! Hector's obviously inherited your artistic talent in spades!

Thank you very much Sylvia and Seok - I know Hector will be so pleased with your comments.

Thank you, Michael. I am seeing Hector after school today, so I will pass on your comments, and all the others. He will be so pleased.

Lovely work, Hector, well done !

Thank you, Jenny - I will tell Hector what you have said.

What a lovely prezzie from Hector. Keep going Hector, you're doing really well!

It was the light house ...! Tell Hector to keep enjoying himself.

You can see who he takes after Thea :) Give him a big pat on the back from me. With work like that he deserves his on portfolio on POL.

Nice one Hector! love the colours and the feel good factor. This site is getting to big, didn't log on yesterday and had to wade through pages to find this!!!

Well done, Hector. I imagine it looks wonderful in your cloakroom, Thea.

I missed this posting, Thea. Sorry, but there is so much excellent stuff on this site that I for one cannot keep up! It's a delightful painting and the fact that Hector produced it on a tile and then had it fired is just excellent. You must be very proud. Please give Hector my congratulations on the production of such a decorative work of art.

Thank you very much Marjorie, Gudrun, Val, Debs, Cherry and Lionel. I will make sure Hector sees all your wonderful comments and I know he will be thrilled to receive them.

Hector is very clever! I love his tile. The arrangement is so good. The six little fishes in the middle, the three little birds, the beautiful simplification of the crab, octopus and turtle - we know what all of them are straightaway! And half a dolphin heading east. He certainly has inherited your skills. It is brilliant.

Lovely! Bravo Hector! very cheerful work

Another winner.!

Another winner.!

Hang on Studio Wall

Hector, my middle grandson (and the arty one!) painted this for a Christmas present for me. It is done on a bisque tile, drawn freehand and then painted with ceramic paints. The tile was then fired in the kiln. I had told Hector that I wanted a plaque or picture to go on the wall of my nautically themed cloakroom and this is what he came up with. I was delighted with it's naive style and lovely bright colours.

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