Trellis (Yellow Challenge)

Trellis (Yellow Challenge)

I really like this Thea. I see fun, frustration and enthusiasm all rolled in to one, resulting in a super semi abstract. I don't think you'd have tried this completely different way of painting had it not been for the yellow challenge and am wondering now, what next? Surely you're planning another after this exciting one. I can see it in darker colours. Not as real life, your own choice of colours! Abstracts..who'd have thought? Might try an abstract myself after seeing this. You're quite inspiring you know!

Wow Thea I absolutely love this! These challenges open up our minds to so many different possibilities. I'd thought the yellow challenge had run its course, for me at any rate, but maybe not! As Louise has said, you are inspiring!

Thank you very much Louise and Christine for such lovely comments. I am very flattered at your very kind comments that you think I am inspiring, but I think it is more that lately I seem to have a low threshold of boredom and keep wanting to think up more and different challenges and it is fun when other people join in. Trouble is that I am so hooked on them now that the one 'proper' painting I did recently was a bit of a slog because my heart wasn't in it. It's funny how we all change, isn't it?

Nice one! As you say, the absence of darks is the big problem with yellow, but your undiluted yellow ochre has just enough. Bet you could sell these as a bespoke, contemporary accent wall tile!

Makes a great semi abstract piece Thea

Well who'd have thought it - Thea paints an abstract!! and a very good one it is too! Is that the next challenge?!!

Love the technique s in this one Thea. Great challenge.

Thank you very much Bill, Dennis, Debs and Carole. I must admit when I started by blowing paint on the paper, I had no idea what the design was going to be or how it would turn out. I think 'going with the flow' describes the technique! Not what I usually do as I like to be more controlled but I am learning gradually to unwind, which must be a positive?

This is lovely, Thea - I really like the variation of spatters, lines and drips that interface with each other superbly.

Thank you very much Glennis and Seok - really kind of you.

You're storming ahead with this colour challenge Thea!

Thank you very much, Fiona - I am enjoying the challenge of experimenting although I never thought anyone would ever hear me say that!

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This is a semi-abstract loosely based on one of my clematis growing up trellis in my garden. Once again, the yellow makes it hard to get any depth or darkness of tone, but I used some yellow ochre to try to address this. Also abstract is not really my thing so that was an added challenge. Fun to do and I enjoyed trying to overcome the difficulties.

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