The Dog And Duck

The Dog And Duck

This is full of drama and humour, and great palette.

Ps no more fiddling in my opinion, but that's just my thought.

The dog is just wonderful, Thalia.

Awww! thank you so very much, Gudrun and Cesare, yes, you're right, both of you. We're probably going to keep this, as you say, Gudrun, full of humour. She's my life drawing model, I've drawn her so many times, but yesterday all she'd do for us was sleep...and snore!!! I promise I won't fiddle, Gudrun!!!

Once again it's the richness of the colours that is the draw.

A beautiful study, Thalia - I am with Gudrun, looks finished to me.

Thank you very much, Stephen and Margaret. Much appreciate your help!

The colours, and strength of, seem just right to me. But when I saw the title Thalia, I was looking for the pub in the background!

No need for more fiddling Thalia, the duck looks great as does the dog! Lovely painting!

I’m with the no fiddling team. It’s working. Your palette is dynamic and the dog really completes the picture

I particularly like the duck & rich colour palette Thalia

Thank you very much, Marjorie Margaret Diana and Lynne for your kind comments. Yes! Indeed, you were supposed to be looking for the pub,Ha ha!

A handsome duck in lovely, strong surroundings! It’s a humorous, happy painting Thalia!

Thank you Satu...Sunny, our blind dog, likes nothing better than to make us laugh!

Love the rich colours Thalia. And the dog!

Hang on Studio Wall

Most of this was completed during the demonstration at my workshop yesterday. However, Sunny, the dog, wouldn't sit up, so I added her this morning from a photo! Not sure whether to deepen the paint on the duck, help will be appreciated. A glaze of red iron oxide or burnt sienna perhaps?

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