Life Drawing Dec 12th 2018

Life Drawing Dec 12th 2018

Fascinating stuff, Thalia. Excellent results for short poses.

Thanks Lewis, kind words...took a lot of courage to go in with paint straight off!!!

No end to your talents Thalia, such good practice.

Excellent Thalia, quick is often best.

"Going for it" worked very well, and obviously with much satisfaction Thalia.

Very exciting and wonderful results Thalia!

Nice work Thalia. The brush alone often works well, it did here.

Love these Thalia brilliant and Merry Christmas

I like these Thalia, nice work.

Good work Thalia . happy Christmas to you.

Hang on Studio Wall

For our short poses I usually use charcoal, but I decided to go straight in with watercolour and surprised myself as I really loved doing them and the results were ok! The six almost monochrome poses were 5 minutes each. The middle one, on scrap Arches rough, was just over 20 minutes.

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