Entrance Siggiewi Church

Entrance Siggiewi Church

Another cracker to me Thalia it's a beauty

Beautifully portrayed Thalia.

Nice work Thalia , full of light

That's a different church for each day of the year!. I have visited a fair few of them whilst holidaying in Malta on my three visits, I do love the architecture. I do have some interesting sketches that I must try and find. Lovely work Thalia.

lovely painting, great palette

Lovely colours Thalia makes you feel warm just looking at it 😀

Just beautiful Thalia, you paint with such feeling, soul maybe? You capture the warmth of the Med in your palette. In view of what you say perhaps you could challenge yourself to paint the inside sometime!

Thank you all so very much, Dennis, Carole, Dennis, Alan, Georgina, Linda and Tessa. Indeed it is a different church for every day of the year! A very RC country! The architecture is simply amazing, especially internally. I have only attempted two or three internal paintings...must try harder!! They are very exciting to paint and I'm not so hot on really complicated perspective!!! Yes Tessa, I do love painting. I guess I paint with passion because I always wanted to be an artist, but like so many my age I was told to get a proper job and obediently did just that. Now I'm having the time of my life!!!

An impressive painting Thalia.

Superb Thalia. It screams Malta. You are really good at painting these ornate buildings.

Posted on Sun 25 Mar 16:20:20

Thank you Gudrun and Margaret, and that's a true compliment, Ibolya, they are so prominent here that one has to get good at them to survive!!!

I love the light in this. What do the call it? The 'golden hour'...that time in the early morning or evening when the light is just perfect. Bathed in sunlight.

Once again Thalia super colours. We have been to Malta and yes the churches are memorable.

Expressive and beautiful! Love this

Hang on Studio Wall

I painted primarily from my sketch and used photos I'd taken in order to put in the steps of this lovely Baroque church. If you feel the outside of this church is ornate, you should see the inside!! Malta has over 365 churches, many of which are in the Baroque style. I hasten to add they are not to my taste, but to a certain extent they are my bread and butter for commissions!

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