It Tokk Alley

It Tokk Alley

This is beautiful, love the loose feel of it

I love this! Vibrant and alive 😊

I love the loose almost random strokes which gives it that busy lively feel Thalia. To me it’s just full of life and vitality and certainly doesn’t feel unfinished.

I like this jumble of shapes, describes the bus place so well. All these traders are very unreasonable for us poor artists aren't they l.o.l.

This epitomises the chaos of a busy scene beautifully Thalia.

Just perfect in it's 'unfinished' state Thalia. It accurately portrays the busy scene without overworking.

Great loose painting Thalia. Bold and confident.

Like the colours and the boldness - lovely, Thalia

Recognized straight away as yours, Thalia.

Thank you all so very much for your kind heart warming comments. Loose it certainly is, as I used my large dagger brush, but I left out that ugly white truck! Thank you Rachel, was the espresso coffee that enlivened me!! Thanks Barry, hit and miss was the motto here I think!! Thank you Stephen, yup, they are! Actually this square used to be a market, now only *...* restaurants. Thank you Carole, Susan, Jim, Maureen and Cesare. I so appreciate your king and thoughtful comments. I almost didn't post this, so glad I did now!

Wonderfully done, complicated scene, cleverly simplified Thalia.

Thank you very much Margaret and Carole...that flippin' white lorry simplified it!!!

Hang on Studio Wall

A really difficult area in Rabat [Victoria] to paint, It Tokk means the meeting place, very busy, which was what I wanted, but far too many parked vehicles. I wanted to paint the pretty alley, but had to give up when a huge white lorry completely obliterated the whole scene. This is rather unfinished as a consequence!

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