The Bishops Palace Mdina

The Bishops Palace Mdina

Lovely painting again Thalia especially the buildings

I like the complementary colours in combination with white and dark shadows.

Love your small studies Thalia and this is no exception.

Wow, a stunner indeed Thalia. Small watercolours look great with a really wide plain white mount, say 75mm or so, even wider in fact, but you will know this.

Such little jewels these beautifully crafted cameos Thalia.

Another little beauty 😀

I like the buildings, Thalia.

Lovely again Thalia.

Love it, Thalia.

Tiny masterpieces Thalia. Lovely work.

Another beautiful wee painting Thalia. I often use much the same size of paper and am amazed by the amount of detail you fit in in paint! Love the little bits of detail on the buildings and the beautiful colours - also like the figures drawing attention to the scale.

Love the detail in this Thalia.

You've got a way with architecture Thalia, excellent study.

And another shining example of your skills Thalia.

Posted on Mon 10 Sep 13:32:30

Marvellous painting, Thalia, with superb detail, given the size. Incredible work. Bri

Thank you very much, Dennis, Thomas, Barry, and Alan. I so agree Alan, hopefully it will get a big frame! What a kind comment, Carole, Linda Cesare and Sandra! Thank you Shirley, and you Jim, your Sparrow hawk is also a master piece!

Thank you Margaret, it is a huge building, very imposing! Thanks Dennis, Carole, Willie...I actually prefer painting boats, but sometimes needs must!!! That's a really kind thing to say, Ibolya, high praise indeed from you...loved your red sail today! Thank you Brian, another really kind comment! I'm painting at my exhibition to try to encourage people to look around the hall, as it's not very easily seen!!! Small studies like these don't matter if I have to stop mid wash!!

This is a cracker Thalia!

I’m quite amazed at the detail and content you fit into this size Thalia.....brill!

Hang on Studio Wall

The Bishop's Palace is in the same piazza as the Baroque prizes for guessing my next post which I finished yesterday. Both are tiny, 3x5ins .

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