Old Convent

Old Convent

Unmistakable yours, Thalia, lovely scene.

Another lovely painting. Your colours are always so vibrant.

Nice composition and can recognise your paintings so easily by now. I'm loving that tree!

Posted on Sun 18 Mar 08:47:38

Always difficult as Plein air subjects don’t offer ideal compositions but you have done an excellent job and there is certainly balance in the painting. The red door is a great draw taking the eye into the picture.

I think you chose a very good viewpoint, that results in a good composition. A lively and interesting painting.

I agree with Ibolya. Your paintings are very recognisable and I love the style.

Posted by T H on Sun 18 Mar 09:21:43

Lovely work Thaila in your own unique style

A warm and attracive scene Thalia. I can feel the sunshine not far away, despite the wind. (-;

I bet a feeling of warmth from this Ibolya, love your darks.

My apologies Thalia, I had a senior moment there!

Thank you ever so much everyone for your kind comments. i didn't even realise I had developed a style of my own till you all said so! You are all so kind, Cesare, Seth, Ibolya, Barry, Timothy, Lewis, Dennis, Jim, Margaret and Fiona. Your comments about the composition are noted...helpful stuff, Thank you all very much.

I quite understand Fiona... I'm having all too many of them myself!!!

Beautiful colours.

Lovely painting - great colours, Thalia

Thank you very much Teresa, Maureen and Gudrun, your kindness is much appreciated

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Painted plein air on a cold and very windy Autumn day, sheltering near the Ministry entrance this was the only view I could get, a salutary lesson in itself!! The close perspective of the left hand wall was very difficult, I hope the dark tall doorway is balanced by the tree. I enjoyed painting the red door and balcony of the Convent and the tourists as they walked past me smiling at me.

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