Fried Eggs Before Breakfast


They look fascinating Thalia.

You've made them look attractive, Thalia. Not my favorite creatures. Excellent work.

This was quite a challenge Thalia, and you’ve done a great job here!

What an original subject, Thalia. Well done too!

Clever work Thalia. Very effective and unusual

This is wonderful Thalia.

They look amazing Thalia, lovely subject...

Thank you so very much Carole, Lewis [they are not the jellies normally seen in UK, Lewis, they are completely different, and stunningly beautiful!] Thank you Alan, indeed it was...took over a week to paint!! Thank you Mia,Jim, Fiona, and Lesley, very much appreciate your kind comments!

A wonderful array of life, colour and movement Thalia.

Thank you Carole!

Beautiful subject , painted so well

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The sea was absolutely crowded with my favourite jellies, I could not swim for fear of harming them. Gorgeous to look at, completely harmless, delicate and vulnerable. I came home and painted what I'd seen in such profusion. It took ages to paint all the texture and colour of their polyps. Their correct scientific name is Cotylorhiza tuberculata.

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