An Alley Moma

An Alley Moma

Lovely work as usual Thalia.

Another lovely sketch. I really like the colours you use for painting buildings.

Posted on Sun 30 Sep 08:05:53

Thank you very much, Sandra and Ibolya, I enjoy experimenting with colour, especially wet in wet, as this is, Ibolya!

Lovely painting, Thalia.

Lovely spot and work Thalia. I'm all for introducing life via birds and animals. Nice.

Good work again.

Posted by T H on Sun 30 Sep 09:32:43

Nice one - like your rich darks.

She probably wants to see al her mates exhibited on the walls. Another little gem Thalia.

Lovely little alley Thalia.

Thank you very much, Cesare, Jim, yes, it brings life to them! Thanks Timothy, Maureen, Carole...yes indeed, ha ha!!Thanks Margaret, kind comments , thank you everyone for looking!

Hang on Studio Wall

A tiny 5x3ins picture of a pretty alley near Piazza San Gorg, Rabat, Gozo. A Mama cat and kittens in this one...out my head but very often around! One has been venturing into the entrance to the exhibition hall, I'm trying to capture her with my phone camera...

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