Working Luzzu in Xlendi

Working Luzzu in Xlendi

Wonderful colours and a fantastic sense of place, Thalia. I love these boats and how you present them. Great stuff. Bri

A gorgeous vessel Thalia, wonderfully represented. That blue is something else!

Vibrant colours, really zings.

You are fortunate to have such wonderful subject matter all around you Thalia. Terrific colours, so rich but appropriate.

That blue is dazzling Thalia and the boat is so full of character complementing those lovely background sienna rocks. Outstanding work Thalia. It will rock in the exhibition.

Love the colours!

Glorious, Thalia. The boat is wonderful, and the sea as blue as I remember it.

Carole's "dazzling" is the word for this Thalia. Lovely work.

Beautiful lines, Thalia, very sharp and striking painting, good luck with the exhibition

Excellent Thalia!

Love this Thalia the colours and the light quote beautiful.

Lovely, vibrant colours Thalia, will stand out truly in the exhibition,

Wonderful boat, Thalia.

It’s stunning Thalia. Great demonstration of your talent and alility.

Gorgeous, and that blue ............ brilliant!

Thank you very much indeed, Lesley P, Lesley H, Cesare, Michael, and Russell, Your kindness is much appreciated as I'm already getting cold feet about this short, evening long exhibition!!!

Thank you very much, Brian, Alan, Stephen, Tessa, Carole Heather, Lewis, Jim, Willie and Fiona! I'm already getting the jitters because of this short, evening exhibition!!! your comments help to calm my nerves!!

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my favourite luzzu to paint, made years ago by her owner, she is one of the last wooden boats to operate out of Xlendi. Fishing is her owners' only occupation, very unusual now on Malta, as most fish only part time at night. Difficult to get the lines correct without smudging, I had to paint the undercoat in acrylics as it needed to dry before the next lines were applied. I hope it doesn't look too laboured, as it is a true labour of love, ready for an exhibition in Malta.

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