The Flower seller Valletta

The Flower seller Valletta

Love this Thalia. These street scenes you paint so well, are my favourites.

I know this scene Thalia, and Valletta is such a fabulous place for architecture. What a great painting, and with all those figures!

One of my faves of yours Thalia, colourful and warm, expertly done.

You have done very well here with such a complex sene Thalia.

Lovely bustling scene, Thalia. Beautifully painted crowd...especially the more distant people on the far left. I was in Malta in 1959-60, this brings back happy memories. One of your best.

Brilliant composition Thalia. I spent many hours in Valetta and in Malta generally as the ships Landrover Driver.

Thank you Seth, I love yours, too! Thanks Alan, they've renovated and altered Valletta so much, it's stunning, but in certain parts I preferred it as it was..they've taken away the old gate entrance, for example! I'm going to paint from the few pictures I took, but the weather was not good. Thank you Carole and Stephen, it was certainly bustling yesterday...I'm not used to crowds and got knocked about a lot!! Thank you Lewis, what a lovely comment, and very helpful, too. You'd not recoginise Malta let alone Valletta!

Never been to Malta Thalia, but your painting is reminiscent of so many places in Spain that I have been. Great representation of it all. Good work.

Went to Valetta in the 90’s. Fabulous architecture and bustling city. You’ve captured the busyness here with lovely colours.

Fabulous painting Thalia

I love this Thalia. Such a great composition with everyone enjoying the sunshine.

This is so well painted and observed Thalia, like in Seth's painting full of vitality and colour 😀

Thank you very much, Jim, Ellen [many changes especially in Valletta since your visit in the 90s!] Thank you, Russell, John, Margaret and Linda, You're all very kind, Thanks for looking!

A wonderful crowd scene in Valletta, Thalia, must have been a few cruise ships in. I've experienced that -best left until they have gone to lunch or just gone. Cheery and colourful painting -nice one.

Thanks for posting, lovely.

A pleasant busy scene Thalia. Different to your more recent work which is freer I think? I love the style of the old kiosk. Hopefully it will remain.

This is lovely Thalia, I can feel the warmth!

As always Thalia, lively and colourful.

Thank you very much Willie, Tony, Tessa, Jacky, Richard, and Gudrun.Much appreciate all your helpful comments. Tessa, i think my freedom depends on how i feel and the subject matter...and how many strong coffees hubby has produced, lol! Gudrun, I loved the Picasso etchings and fabulous strong drawings. The Miro was not really my cup of coffee!! I love his early work...

That's a great painting - so light and colourful.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a favourite of mine painted on Khadi paper a few years ago. I felt it was appropriate to put on as the Picasso and Miro exhibition I went to yesterday is literally in the building behind this lovely old French style kiosk. This kiosk is still there, I took several photos time to sketch! It is desperately in need of restoration, though. Such a shame, as Malta is the centre of culture this year.

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